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@Deathstriker: I thought the Sopranos ending was goddamn excellent. Loved the one in TWD as well, the abruptness just fit the whole game. Hell, people died in literally seconds out of nowhere all the time. You never knew when it was coming. With Lee you knew you were dying the whole episode, and I was just waiting for it to end. All I cared about was saving Clem and making sure she was at least okay, and then I was fine with dying. I think the game portrayed that well.

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@Frostily: Not sure, I did it while my friends were still there.

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It's very easy to miss. It's in the cave where you friends are.

It fills in backstory and allows you to play Brodouche Sim 2012.

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Song is shit, but fit the ridiculousness perfectly.

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They did warn you.

I'll just put this here - if you have not played The Walking Dead, do not take part in any GOTY stuff til you do. I generally hate adventure games, but TWD is pretty damn great. I really like it. It's just sort of a shame I spoiled myself, because the dudes really do not hold back on that stuff in the podcast.

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Microwave them a few at a time for a couple of seconds and see if you can find somewhere that will recycle them.

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I've never heard them talk about it before.

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@JNeam: Cheaper at GMG and I bought it for 35 dollars at launch. Well worth the price though, good game.

Bit disappointed in the sale, but thinking of getting SimCity 4 or Natural Selection 2. Can the latter be played "singleplayer", meaning no really organized multiplayer with VOIP etc? Looking for something casual TDM-y, got PS2 for my organized MP stuff.

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Nice job. I thought the Trophy Knife (as would be it's official name) was one of the prettiest and well thought out models I've seen in some time. Really a beautiful model in-game, and looks much better then most "fantasy"-esque knives/swords etc, as it has some imagination to it.

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Would doubt it has a discrete graphics card, which would make upgrades pretty expensive/meaningless.

A Steambox that just streams games from an already existing PC very well would be excellent, would buy instantly