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Would doubt it has a discrete graphics card, which would make upgrades pretty expensive/meaningless.

A Steambox that just streams games from an already existing PC very well would be excellent, would buy instantly

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It sounds like you enjoy playing in a console way (couch, controller) but want the hotter grafixx and 60 FPS. You should spend some cash on setting up a good solution to play PC games on your TV. Then you can play all multi platform games there and still play the console exclusives.

I don't own a console, but if I did, that's how I'd roll. No point in having a game on two systems imo.

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Planetside 2 is the best game I've played except Day Z in years, so that. Straight up shootery shoot stuff mechanics though, probably close between Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2.

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That's quite a bad card, and I can't either understand how you can run FC3 with it so well. Anyway, the game is also really badly optimized currently.

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I felt bad killing a tiger today :( So beautiful, and now he's a fucking bag or something.. FYI he did not attack me, shot that dude to the face with my bow.

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@Brodehouse: It's not about prudes though. It's about women feeling comfortable enough in gaming to make them want to participate. Obviously some women have an issue with this, and that's cause enough. You say that people have no right to be offended of seeing or feeling that their sex is being objectified, and I don't think that's right. I really fail to see how it's "anti-sex" to think booth babes are wrong if they turn people away.

@YOU_DIED: I have nothing to back it up. The only discerniable trend in the comments were along those lines.

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@Brodehouse: What you fail to see is that one woman uncomfortable is enough. You don't agree there, as you wrote, but I think it's enough. I'm pretty sure quite a lot of women would feel similar seeing as there were others telling about experiences where they were approached as booth babes. I have no idea why booth babes is a thing that must exists and why it would be worth the fact that we alienate a whole bunch of people because of it, and offend the intellect of men. There's no one except sexist dudes who wanna hover hand that benefit from booth babes.

It's not like it's one or two booths that have titties in them - it's everywhere. Every publisher, every developer. They need to change.

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@Brodehouse: That's very well put dude. The thing is though, do you see a correlation with videogames and hot babes? I surely don't. They are there for your pleasure, your attraction and so that your interest for titties will transfer over to an interest for the game in question. They are literally selling games with tits - that's all it is.

And that's where I feel like I'm being treated like a frothing idiot. I'm a straight male and I too love titties, but I feel offended that for some reason that should be the end all and be all for reasons why I would be interested in something is just tits. Sure, they're there of their own free will, but do you not see it as somewhat exploitative and demeaning?

Read the comments on Twitter about female producers being treated as booth babes at events. There you really have what you're talking about, namely objectification and the fact that women in games get reduced to titties and nothing else. I know people around here fucking hate to talk about gender in general terms (IT'S SO INDIVIDUAAALLL), but the fact that most women get treated like that is a huge issue. Seeing the examples put up by other posters on the hashtag, the same thing that happens at events is obviously occuring in the game industry in general.

I have no problem looking at hot naked women for the sake of getting aroused, but I do have a problem when that same arousal is being used to attract me to a game, as that feeling for some reason would transfer. I don't always sexualize women, but I would consider myself very much sex-positive.

It's just generally a target group kind of thing as well. Using tits to attract your audience out of a PR sense pretty much singles out a rather narrow, but in gaming huge, group. You effectively alienate most others, and I don't think that's very good. Your saying that the heterosexual male is the standard and is the only one that should bother with games.

edit: Before someone comes in with the extremely oftenly used remark on these forums a la "so dont look at it" "so dont care" "why are you offended" etc - these are important issues since gaming in general is one of the absolute worst when it comes to sexism. That's why I care. Oh also I love games.

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@haggis: Discussion could help you know, being quiet about it would make women feel even more alienated.

@AndyAce83: I assume you are trolling.

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As crazy as it sounds, no, it's not women's fault.

Misogyny in gaming exists because a large group of gamers are stupid as fuck and have no real way to relate to women. They treat women like shit because that's what their father did and what their grandfather did, and this has just been transferred over to games. It is made much worse as this group is generally financially powerful, buying all the large "hardcore" titles, vocal and do not like women treading on "their" turf. Also, a vast majority (or so it would seem) of the japanese gaming crowd are also big fans of titties, and women are viewed as objects over there more commonly, or so it seems.

Therefore we have hot girls presenting games in every way everywhere - because dudes just like tits and in games they especially do, because they have never seen them in real life. Marketers know this and bring the titties. I know this sounds a bit hateful towards them, but I'm so goddamn tired of misogyny everywhere. Just grow the fuck up.

It's also up to the industry to take some goddamn responsibility.