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It can be useful to take down a pesky transport helicopter. Once you've mastered the jet tail slap on helis you don't need to though.

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My mother and girlfriend are both mentally ill to some degree. I wouldn't say I see them negative because of it, since it's a horrible thing to live with that requires a great deal of strength to just want to stay alive. I feel symphaty and I am proud of how well they usually deal. It can be horrible to live with for me, so it is in no doubt negative. Just as it's negative to live with anyone with a disease that will never fully be treated.

It really isn't more then illness in general, just in another department that usually destroys a bit more and fucks up your life a bit more. Especially since it doesn't go away. I mean, I wouldn't say I view cancer patients as negative, like they're weak or aren't trying hard enough, so no, I guess.

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It's like BC WoW questwise and that's why it's so old. Hell, Cata is way fresher and more modern. The conversation and story is great, sure, but the combat is horrible, enviromental design isn't great and the game in general isn't very polished if you ask me. I got bored after a good 50 hours split over two characters.

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It's like an RPG, except every single mission is like one of those missions you get from the Chantry board in Dragon Age + conversations. Very disappointed with TORs quests so far, absolutely nothing on Cataclysm.

On topic, I've played like 40 hours and I'm not even done with chapter 1.

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Guild Wars 2 looks very promising in this regard.

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@FirePrince said:

GTA:Vice City is the best game in the series.

Fallout:New Vegas is better than Fallout 3.

Final Fantasy sucks.

All of these are truths.

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@CaptainCody: Couldn't agree more.

For those of you complaining, that's kind of how you get after playing on a somewhat high level (well, pretty low in the spectra of things, but raiding normals several times a week at least) trying to lead a guild/lead raids and having incompetent idiots ruining everything for you, time and time again.

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It IS good.

It's still idiotic to judge an MMO by it's launch state in any form. An MMO needs a good couple of months.

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I made quornballz or something of that sort. Red onion, minced quorn, cream cheese. Even the more stubborn and HAHAHA LOL VEGETARIANs really enjoyed them. Swedish julbord is mostly meat as well, but theres neat potatothings and plenty of other fatty carb stuff.

I should say I'm not vegetarian, I just primarily eat vegetarian/vegan. I ate a few meatballs and ham as well, but mainly the quornballs. They were really, really good!

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Forget MNC. Completely.

This is a MOBA ass MOBA. Shooter skills are completely irrelevant. Hence, I suck at it, but it's a MOBA I actually enjoy. DOTA has never interested me in the least. It seemed way too beyond my normal skillset to care, and it all just sounded very crazy with the 300 heroes and with the hostile community and all.. No thanks. SMNC however works, primarily because it's played from a different perspective that gives the whole thing so much better gameplay in my opinion. You're not frantically move to clicking your dude everywhere, your in control of a character.

Now if I could only find a hero that fits my skills.