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@LikeaSsur: Dunno man, I don't feel like I've done much oppressing in my days and I don't really intend to. I don't really feel guilty as I haven't done anything. I exist and I have a penis. I don't think this is cause enough to feel guilty. I intend to right the wrongs of sexist men today and in the past. That's pretty much all you can do as an individual, and that's what you're responsible for. Maybe I phrased it poorly.

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I have no idea how this turned out as a discussion about how men are being discriminated against as well. Boohoo, poor you. The truth is that men have been oppressing women for millenia, and it's time to change that, and it's our responsibility as men to do so as soon as possible in any way you can. Also, a lot of the shit mentioned here are totally male constructs! Women are not to blame, and this is super serious point. Allright, maybe your asshole ex-wife stole your shit, and the judge judged in her favor, but if you would've had an equal society where the ex-wife was working and making the same amount of money that situation would simply not exist. There would be no logical reason. Feminism is a cause for women's rights, sure, but it's also a cause for equality that causes ripples in pretty much anything that stretches beyond women and onto creating a more humane and equal society. Really.

But - I do not think ALL men are guilty and should feel a collective shame over what their entire gender is doing or have done. That's not constructive and also makes it quite impossible to be a man, feminist and not some type of self loathing idiot. I love being a man, and I treat women goddamn right and have always done so. It's completely fine to be male and I really think you shouldn't feel shame for what you were born as. That's dumb. It's our responsibility to change society, but its not your responsibility to feel guilt over what the asshole brodouche next door is doing, but if you dare you could always punch him in the face the next time he's beating up his girflriend.

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@huntad said:

Confidence. Done.

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It's very uneven and I can't say I dig how useless disguises are on expert. Difficulty curve is also all over the place - some levels are complete walk overs and other's I've found impossible on expert, lowering to normal and breezing through. I think there's been some very excellent levels (gun shop, no angel streets or something), but there's also been a lot of quite shitty filler story missions that aren't that satisfying.

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MSAA seems to cause a lot of problems on my 670. It eats performance (but looks pretty great), but the main issue is that it crashes to desktop after 5-20 minutes of starting.. Been running it fine for five hours now without MSAA, with nVidias FXAA (in the control panel) on instead. I normally dislike FXAAs blurriness, but it's looks fine here.

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The linear stuff made me cancel my pre-order. Well, that and the QTE. This looks like absolute shit, will wait for reviews for sure..

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He just seems to manage his money pretty well, and by pretty well I mean not spending much except on crazy shit.

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I am very addicted to a constant information flow and see our time now as a simple transitional period to always on humanity, basically. I'll probably enjoy it, as I can let go of screens and devices and learn to multi task better.

Haven't really been addicted to games though, except perhaps vanilla WoW in high school, since you had to put in ridiculous amounts of time to get anywhere in that game.

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Looks good? How? When they showed the Skyrim enviroment I couldn't help but think that it looks like an old, shitty, Skyrim. Expect combat to be sluggish as well (same engine as SWTOR).