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Minerva's Den is one of the best games I have ever played, and you should play it too 2

I think most of us remember that super long debate regarding best DLC in 2010. I didn't pay much attention to anything but the discussion in itself, as Bioshock 2 was already a lost game to me. I found it to be disappointing and to not be as perfectly crafted and cared for as the original game, and there was just something that was not quite there.Fast forward three years, and Infinite is almost out. I take up Green Man Gaming on the offer of buying all three games in the series for the price of...

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Flawed game, enjoyable sim 0

  I was skeptical starting Dragon Rising, since I am an avid fan and player of the original Operation Flashpoint. The developers of the original, Bohemia Interactive, lost the license to their publisher Codemasters, giving the publisher full rights to develop this sequel. Codemasters aren't exactly known for their actiontitles, and discarding Bohemia that way gave me and other fans a certain disbelief in their capability to produce a competent game. Since their departure from Codemasters, Bohemi...

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