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@smtdante89: I think I figured out the problem. When downloading the FFXIV demo, I used a different account on my PS4. I think I set the new account as the primary account. Once PSN is back, I will try to switch the primary account back. Even though I chose "set as primary account", it seems to do nothing until you deactivate the other account.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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@metalbaofu: Thanks. Once PSN is back up, I am going to try to figure this out. I have restored licenses and made the account my primary one a few times. I will try again.

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@jimmyfenix: Tried that. Thanks anyway.

The mods moved this thread out of general discussion. Looks like nobody will see it now. Guess I will try for help at another forum.

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I could be wrong, but I am often locked out from my digital games. Restarting the system usually fixes the issue. But, PSN is down at the moment. There is no way to play the digital games I purchased (not PS+ games) since the PS4 can't verify the license.

My PS4 is set as the primary account. I've read about others having the same issue. There doesn't seem to be a permanent fix.

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For those who played this, do you really need that Wizards Edition book to not be up a creek without a paddle in this game?

I think a digital version of the book is in the game. Brad showed some of it in the QL.

I beat the game, but can't remember if I ever needed to refer to the book.

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The Adventures of Willy Beamish

+Feels like a Saturday morning cartoon

-My Sega CD disc was scratched and prevented me from continuing the game

Blue Stinger