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the latest hamburger available at the fast food chain Lotteria in Osaka .   Yes, you can actually buy this.  ten layers of beefy, cheesy goodness.    (the Japanese reads, "tower cheese burger completed!")

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@SPACETURTLE:   I laughed when I saw it in the shop for the same reason!  mountain dew and peace walker?!  
I can just imagine snake gulping down some of that mountainy goodness as he's taking people out with a
sniper rifle.
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 Heres a pic of one of the promotional products for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker :)
 Just bought it today at a convenience store in Osaka

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It's back up
And it's totally lame.  
a week-long series of mock online auctions

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@SteamPunkJin: sure! what's the best way to post an audio clip?!
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I can't get enough of this great game.  But recently my wife  has been walking around the house going, "enchantment?
enchantment!"   And this is a woman who not only knows nothing about the game at all but also cannot speak English! 
Its pretty funny.  She also does a pretty funny impersonation of Mass Effect 2's, Grunt.  Imagine a little Japanese woman
 saying "Shepard!" in a deep voice.  Hilarious!
She's pretty cool about my gaming habit.  She's perfectly happy to sit next to me on the couch  with her DS  while
I grind away the hours with Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age.    (^  ^) 
Well, I'm off to play DA,  my wife wants to see the Gray Warden bone Morrigan again.  Think I'll freak her out by having
the Gray Warden gay out with  Zevran.  Should be good for a laugh

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@zudthespud:  it's pretty simple;  the HDD comes with a transfer cable and setup disc.   you simply attach the cable to the XBOX usb port and the new HDD.  then the software on the disc
will move all your data from the old HDD to the new one. 
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@CenturionCajun:  the 250 GB HDD is available now in Japan, where I'm living now.   The HDD is scheduled to be released in other regions later.
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@AjayRaz:  wow that's cool.  xbox users in Japan really get screwed.  Never saw any special edition systems like that here.  
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@Castro: yeah dude its super slow.  I'm gonna have to leave my apartment just to get my mind off it.  Watching that progress bar isn't gonna make it go any faster!
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