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Got mw2 for the xbox 360. GT is ChameleonBA 

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Killzone 2. Just started the campaign.

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Gamertag: ChameleonBA

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Hey, Im rikkytje on the PSN and ChameleonBA on the xbox 360. My name is Maartje Vens. 
I'm from Portugal and I'm 20 years young. 
Recenty I've been playing mainly FPS although I enjoy a variety of genres.  
I'm a real Final Fantasy fan but FFXIII was a huge dissapointment.  
I defend animal rights, and I'm also a vegetarian.  
I'm in University - Media studies - and will one day become a successful movie director. < I'm hoping so, trying to keep optimistic.  
I love writting, drawing, roleplaying, movies, debating, flirting, sleeping and playing videogames.   
Rock on