Freedom Fighters!

Inspired by the Load Our Last Save feature I decided to revisit Freedom Fighters, having only a vague recollection of enjoying it when it first released on the XBOX in 2003. I snagged a used copy of the PC version off Amazon for only $4. Anyone else thinking about playing this game should definitely opt for the PC version. Watching Vinny play on the XBOX, the targeting looked terrible, whereas the PC version is very precise with the keyboard and mouse control scheme. Also, if you've bought a decent PC in past five years, the game is going to run flawlessly.

The game is super fun. It's not overly difficult and the combat is very engaging. My favorite aspect is that the game rewards you for playing strategically. Each map is basically a puzzle, allowing you to tackle an objective in multiple ways. It doesn't take a lot of brain teasing to deduce the best path through a level, but when you execute a perfect strategic strike it is very satisfying. When your squad gets large enough, you can actually complete levels without firing a single bullet yourself. I'm about three-quarters through the game now and I definitely plan to see it through to the end.

One other thing I want to mention about the game is that the story is hilarious! I have read on message boards people complaining about the Russian stereotypes, but the American characters themselves are equally ridiculous. It is the uber-communist-evil-soviets versus the flag-waving-jingoistic-chest-pounding-apple-pie-eating-americans -- in short, it's very entertaining. Midway through the game the protagonist gives a speech on national television that is worth the price of admission ($4 in my case).

This is my first blog post and I plan to follow it up with periodic ramblings on my current gaming experiences. Cheers!