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I haven't logged into this site for years.

I mean, I always listen to the 'casts and watch the videos. I love it all. I just never bothered commenting or getting involved in the forums.

I just had to log in and, for what it's worth, offer my condolences.

Never met the man, but his death has near brought me to tears. That says the most, I suppose...

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Is there anyone on GB that would be willing to team up for this? I've been wondering what the appeal of MMOs are. This one being free, seemed like a good place to start.


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That story makes no sense.
Let's just shoot limbs off things.

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@Vao said:
" hmm the first episode was good, but i really wanted a different time era in each episodes, guess that was more then what i should of hoped for.  Looks like it'll be like part 2 where they are interacting on top of themselves in the timeline.  "
Yeah, pretty much this.
I'm hoping that we'll get new time eras in the next episode.
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I'd get hold of Injury Lawyers Direct.
Remember. Where there's blame, there's a claim.

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@Garrus:  If that's how they handle co-op, with 1 'leader' and 2 other buddies taking over from crummy AI, that would be sweet. Super sweet.
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It can get as big as the games that are in it. And looking at how popular SC2 is, that's pretty damn big.
I've never played SC2 but am amazed by the people within the GSL, because they play at what looks like superhuman speeds. It's got the appeal watching someone do something that you can never do. I imagine that people who actually play SC2 get a little more enjoyment out of it, what with being able to see and appreciate the tactical nuances that are on show.

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Two things. Multiplayer is NOT confirmed. Multiplayer components in most games aren't mandatory. Stick to the single player game. ?Ignore it (if it's there!)
Don't like it? Don't play it. The only reason I would be mad at the inclusion of multiplayer is if it was later revealed that instead of making the single player great, they focused on the multiplayer.
Chill it.

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Don't  be mad. Think of it as a kill screen like in the old arcade games.
You broke the game, ergo, you won! Congrats!