Great games for the Nintendo DS + Imports

I've had a tumblr for a while now and it isn't really going anywhere so I'm reusing the photos I put on there to make blog post on here. The Nintendo DS era was a interesting time for me since it was the main time I actually imported games from Japan more often than once a year. In the case of the Ace Attorney games I only imported the first and third since I had to play them early. (Yet not the second one for some reason I don't remember.) Jump Superstars was also a import that I picked up on the fact that it was Super Smash Bros with anime characters. 3 games may not sound like much but for someone that almost never imports it was a change from the norm that year.

The DS era was the last of the great 2D Castlevania's like Dawn Of Sorrow. They may not have used the touch screen very well but they made up for that by being awesome metroidvanias. On the other side Trauma Center gave me plenty of reasons to use the touch screen to save someones life in the crazy world of a anime hospital. Finally Kirby Canvas curse gave me a unique new way to play a Kirby game. Comparing the new game with this one actually made me think they were equal but I won't go into that here. Thanks for checking out my little blog about a random assortment of DS games. Tune in next Sunday to see a post on my recent trip to the Galloping Ghost Arcade.

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