A look back at video game related books/magazines

After 28 years of playing video games I have also amassed a large collection of books/magizines that are related to my favorite hobby. Here is a small selection of photos of the items plus a bit of commentary after each one.

Ah yes who doesn't remember the great special agent Justin Bai...Halley who is also known as Solid Snake. They may not be accurate but it is still a fun dumb read.

Mario Party 2 certainly deserves the biggest bonus issue ever. For some reason I never know they made UNO for the game boy color till I noticed that page in NP.

So trying to create a Zelda timeline is kinda silly but I still enjoyed reading their theories in Hyrule Historia. Plus it's a really nice artbook too.

Ah yes Game Informer the only video game magazine I subscribed to just cause they kept asking me to whenever I went to Gamestop. I never really liked reading it but it had a lot of good screenshots plus it most likely made me buy FF: CC.

I have always enjoyed flipping through a art book that comes with a game. Persona 3 certainly had plenty of nice art to look at.

Kirby 64 is a awesome Kirby game and I've always thought The World Is Not Enough was a great follow up to Goldeneye.

The Super Mario Adventures comic book was certainly unique...

No real memories of reading Gamefan although I do have two random issues laying around that I bought at some point. It's possible this was the reason I got into street fighter since I didn't subscribe to NP at his point.

I have no clue why I bought this since I also own the Nintendo Power guide. No clue why they thought putting a giant Mario holding another Mario was a good idea.

I unfortunately lost the smell cards at some point. Plus this guide has seen better days but it just shows you how many times I've looked through it.

I did find these Star Fox 64 cards. No clue why I kept these but not the Earthbound cards.

Atelier Rorona has some nice art and this book proves it.

Senran Kagura is not the kind of game everyone likes but I still enjoy these silly beat em ups.

The one time I played Doom 64 I was so scared of what I couldn't see I didn't make it past the first level. Ah earthbound 64 the game that never made it out in this form at least.

It turns out the Mega Man comics weren't for me but I still had to collect the first 4 issues.

Mario gets dark with some of the game overs in these choose your own adventure books. Also sponsored by Pringles*tm

If you thought that first Mario comic was weird then this one might just step it up a notch.

It turns out that I own 5 of the games they list on this cover of Tips and Tricks. Before GameFAQs T&T was the go to place to get cheats. Also Gundam Battle Assault is a awesome fighting game that you should play.

Ending on a high note with the Legend of Zelda: A link to the past comic book. I feel like this only helped cement ALTP as my favorite Zelda game.

Overall video games have had a ton of different books made about them and this is only a small taste of what I grew up reading. After all I also bought a few strategy guides too. Tune in next week for some photos of PS2 games.

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Trip to the Galloping Ghost Arcade

Once I saw this sign I knew we finally made it to the Galloping Ghost Arcade. It was quite the trip since we had to take a fairly long train ride to get to Chicago.
You can see Primal Rage II in this shot. Very few of these boards are still around since they were only made as prototypes. Also Sega Sonic the Hedgehog is the giant blue cabinet. To bad the trackballs weren't really working.
All kinds of fighting games. This was mostly the Mortal Kombat Area even if you can't see MK1-3 in this shot. Even though the moves were simple it took a bit to pull off a few special moves on the spot.
The Outfoxies was a weird but cool game. The lightguns you see on the side wren't actually light guns. You just pull the trigger to shoot the gun that your 2D character picked up. The environments that the characters fight in were unique and all of them blew up in some nice ways.
Unfortunately it wasn't working but this Space Harrier side art is awesome.
Heavy Barrel and other top down shooters.
Super Monkey Ball has a banana controller...
Prepare to Joust!
Star Wars side art, also on the side you can see the Star Wars Trilogy machine. It seemed like it was played a lot going by how loose the stick was.
A better shot of the Mortal Kombat row.
Speed Racer
F 14 Tomcat pinball mahcine, it turns out I'm not very good at playing Pinball.
Donkey Kong side art
Mortal Kombat actor signatures
Discs of Tron and Outrun side art
Funhouse Pinball machine
Ah yes the classic shooter row. I put a lot of time into Galaga at my local arcade.
A row of lightgun games. Now that I think about it I didn't play very many of these while I was there.
The rest of the Mortal Kombat actor signatures
So many arcade machines...
Terminator 2 Judgement day. I don't think I ever got past the protect the truck level.
Satan's Hollow, had to take a picture for the name alone.
Unfortueitly they didn't have Black Knight 2000.
Now that I look at this Ms Pac Man side art that ghost is kinda creepy
This game is so dumb but that is why I like it so much. Time Traveler
Friday The 13 Pinball
Silent Scope
Interstellar Side Art
Wide shot of a few pinball machines
Alien 3 side art?
I didn't know Paper Boy had a handlebar controller
Creature of the black lagoon pinball machine. I thought I would be good at this one since I played The Pinball Arcade but nope.
Q Bert Side Art
Tapper and woodcutter side art
A assortment of arcade machines
Tetris arcade is a thing.
Hydro Thunder and Crusin World
random video game posters
You can't really tell but this is a Mappy machine
Gain Ground a arcade machine run by floppy disc
I'm sure everyone wants to go to Crime City.
Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun
Goro Statue and other game related stuff
Twilight Zone Pinball
Shang Shung's Fight night V happened a week before we went to the GGA.
Arm Champs II Turns out my friend is slightly stronger than I am. 91 vs 105
Spy Hunter Side Art
In The Hunt with a custom marquee. Although if that somehow sprung a leak I'm pretty sure the machine would be dead.

Although I tried I couldn't even get close to taking photos of every single arcade machine at the GGA. It was a fun time and anyone that wants to revisit the past by going to a arcade again the Galloping Ghost Arcade should be at the top of your list.


Great games for the Nintendo DS + Imports

I've had a tumblr for a while now and it isn't really going anywhere so I'm reusing the photos I put on there to make blog post on here. The Nintendo DS era was a interesting time for me since it was the main time I actually imported games from Japan more often than once a year. In the case of the Ace Attorney games I only imported the first and third since I had to play them early. (Yet not the second one for some reason I don't remember.) Jump Superstars was also a import that I picked up on the fact that it was Super Smash Bros with anime characters. 3 games may not sound like much but for someone that almost never imports it was a change from the norm that year.

The DS era was the last of the great 2D Castlevania's like Dawn Of Sorrow. They may not have used the touch screen very well but they made up for that by being awesome metroidvanias. On the other side Trauma Center gave me plenty of reasons to use the touch screen to save someones life in the crazy world of a anime hospital. Finally Kirby Canvas curse gave me a unique new way to play a Kirby game. Comparing the new game with this one actually made me think they were equal but I won't go into that here. Thanks for checking out my little blog about a random assortment of DS games. Tune in next Sunday to see a post on my recent trip to the Galloping Ghost Arcade.

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