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PSN: neverending

Timezone: Eastern

Launch games: Killzone: SF, Resogun, and Warframe. AC4 and NFS have already been bought via the amazon deal but I most likely won't be playing them till later.

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After streaming as part of Extra Life I thought more about getting a El Gato Game Capture HD to record most of my old consoles. Sorta gives me a reason to play my old collection of games again since Emulators can be unreliable. The ps4 might actually make me stream more than I would other wise even if using a PC would give me more tools to make sure everything looks okay. Since I'm just using my gaming pc to record games at the moment it won't really change the way I capture video since it's still available for me to use to stream at anytime.

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The Target deal includes all games so you could pick up a few depending on what they have this week.

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Just great I should have never canceled my Killzone pre order from amazon. Guess I'll have to be quick to checkout on Tuesday or go to Target.

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Mass Effect 2 is certainly the better game yet I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. The way they told the story in the first game was more interesting to me than the second one. It's weird how sometimes I think gameplay is what makes a game better in my eyes but other times it's the story. In this case the story made more of a impact so ME1 gets my vote.

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All Portal 1 did was set up a really great setting. Portal 2 then delivered on everything else. So my vote goes to the 2nd game.

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Since I actually played through Fallout 3 it wins by default. Just didn't like New Vegas enough to see most of the content so I can't really vote for it.

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Wow uh not sure what I could really say about this. Although it's amazing I'm pretty sure a anime girl isn't going to make people switch over to IE.

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I've never been one to care about resolutions in my games that often unless it's on PC. Mostly because I was mainly playing on the 360/ps3 for most of this generation other than the last few years after I got my upgraded gaming PC. Even after I got a better PC it's mainly been playing a bunch of old pc games instead of the latest graphic heavy video game. Plus the only way I would really notice the difference is if I have two copies of the same game on the different platforms. I'll just play the game on the system I have and if the other version looks better... *shrug*

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I'm amazed at how much the entire Giant Bomb community team made for charity. Great job with all your streams everyone! For next year I should just have a order for my games instead of the whatever I feel like playing at the moment I was doing on Sat. After playing Metal Slug X I might just do 24 hours of Neo Geo games next year hehe.