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It depends on the game but I tend to complete a game no matter what. Like if it was utterly horrible I would keep playing it just to see how bad it can really get. If the game is great then I have no issues with finishing it either. It's the average game that sometimes is just so bland I can't stand playing it for more than 4 hours if it has no redeeming quality other than being mediocre.

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They've certainly done a better job with PS Now than I was expecting. Lets just hope it maintains the quality it has now when they launch it.

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Mario Kart 64 will always be the best Mario Kart. Looks like I should have played DD at some point though.

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I'm always hopeful that we will see another game that'll turn everything upside down again like when CoD 4 came out. Even without a new mind blowing game E3 is still entertaining. Especially with the GB chat and the nighttime streams.

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I did a extra life stream last year but I don't feel like it was that interesting to just watch me play something. Having someone else around to keep a conversation going most of the time seems vital. Going solo just leads to a lot of dead air sometimes unless you keep at it.

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I've never been one to enjoy card based games much although I tend to buy them every now and then. I'm more likely to pick up the other obscure Vita game this week Mind=0.

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Well that was great. Certainly a fitting tribute to Ryan Davis.

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The fact that this was a new IP and it looked pretty good graphically when it was first announced certainly had my interest for a while. But at this point I have next to no interest in it mostly thanks to it not coming out sooner.

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I may not rely on reviews to tell me if I should buy a game anymore but it's always good to see a game I was planning on picking up get a lot of positive reviews.

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Well now I have no reason to take a special trip out to Target today. Might still trade in the games I was thinking about Wednesday since I'm heading out that way anyway. @nightriff They obviously don't advertise it much but it looks like they've been allowing trade ins since the beginning of 2011.