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I keep my vita to play the assortment of ps plus games they put on the service each month. At this point I have a pretty good backlog of indie games I should be playing on my vita too. Also like the PSP before it the vita also looks like it'll be a haven for Japanese RPG's and visual novels.

@johaneriksson The way ps plus works is that if you download a game during the period it's on plus then you keep it till your subscription stops. Once you stop subscribing all of the games you got via plus will not work anymore. Also you would have had access to more games if you subed 4 months ago since they keep rotating out games every month.

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I have 15 MB download and 1.5 MB upload for 40$ a month. I live in West Virginia. That isn't the quickest speed I could get in my area but it is the best one price wise for me at least.

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A F2P game really has to make me think it's worth giving the developers some money in order for me to spend it. Like I enjoyed Jetpack Joyride enough that I just had to buy the coin doubler to support the developer since they made a great game. Also since most of what they sell in F2P games is costumes I usually don't care what my character looks like while I'm playing so none of that effects me most of the time.

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Brave Fencer Musashi was indeed a great game that I actually took the time to beat twice a while after it's release. It's to bad Musashi: Samurai Legend didn't live up to the hype we both had about it. I wonder if Square-Enix will ever revisit the franchise again although if they do I guess it would be a phone game huh.

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My playstyle sometimes feels like it depends on what type of game I'm playing. Assassin's Creed 4 and Super Mario 3D world bring out my inner collector. In a game like Dynasty Warriors or Street fighter I'm usually really aggressive. Yet a game like Dark Souls brings out a very defensive playing style. So it seems like I change the way I play to fit the game. Not sure what that says about my personality though.

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Gunpoint and Tearaway just barely made it to the new year since I finished both on the 1st of January.

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I grinded my way all the way to the end of the game. I obviously got better at the game but I don't think I would have been able to beat it without grinding out some money along the way.

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Huh you would think they would at least mention what the super vague big prize was after all that.

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Once you figured out all of the patterns it's pretty easy to get a platinum trophy in Resogun. It was around 0.9% when I last checked so I'm kinda surprised it hasn't gotten a lot higher by now. @spraynardtatum It's all about timing on getting them both in the portal within a second. You have to throw the first one and then pick up the other one that should be walking underneath the exit. When I did it I'm pretty sure it was the first level. You might have to beat every level in one go to get the other ship trophies or you somehow skipped a level by accident.

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Off the top of my head I would say I enjoyed I love Lucy the most although I could list a ton of shows I used to watch on Nick at night.