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I'm not 100% certain but I think the alpha is exclusive to PS4. It isn't that much longer till the beta starts anyway.

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The Wii U has reawakened my inner Nintendo fan after being dormant during the Wii era. I already had a Wii U a few months after launch so this just reaffirmed that I'll be picking up quite a few Nintendo games.

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The Giant Bomb content they put out during E3 is always some of the best content they put out each year.

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Out of all the different MGS games this one is the best one gameplay wise. I found it much more enjoyable to stealth through the area too. But I'm not quite sure you would get enough value out of this by just playing the main mission and a few of the extra missions. After all it's built to be replayed and if playing a mission once is all your planning on doing I would say just wait for a cheaper price.

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These days I tend to pre order something if it's a limited edition item with extra stuff I want. Like I recently put in a pre order for the LE Danganronpa 2 on the NISA website. But since it's possible to preload Destiny a week before it comes out that is when I'll be pre ordering it.

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I enjoyed Most Wanted a lot more than Rivals. It just seemed like they made a better world to drive around in Most Wanted instead of Rivals. Plus the burnout like multiplayer was more fun than the cops vs racers mechanic.

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I'm not sure what it says about me but Grim Fandango was the one game I was genuinely excited to see return. Gameplay wise Far Cry 4 showed all the right things to make me excited for it. Everything else was okay but it could have been great if they managed their time more wisely.

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That sounds like your console isn't functioning right. My PS4 sometimes crashes a game but not at a rate any higher than when I play a game on PS3 or even PC.

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The only hope I have with this game is that it will somehow turn into a it's so bad yet somehow good game. They really shouldn't have showed the game off in the state it is in.