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It's possible they are going all in on letting the player create a character thus that isn't technically Link.

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I don't think much has changed in the many years I've been watching content on Giant Bomb. The reason why I watch the content they make is that they make me laugh and that hasn't changed yet.

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It doesn't matter which Kirby game you are playing since every single one will warm the coldest of hearts. Out of the ones I've played Kirby 64 gets my vote for cutest game ever. In the random category of cute games that can be kinda violent Cubivore gets the top spot.

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Since I never played it on ps3 sure but not until they lower the price.

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This list has about everything I would have wanted from Nintendo other than a Metroid game.

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I'm rather sporadic with updating random games on the Wiki. But this week I've spent more time than I should have with filling out the Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection page. Since it just came out this week I haven't filled out everything yet. But I'm pretty much done other than a few other story beats and if it has any other unlockables. Unless I decide to fill out the entire credit list.

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Wow I couldn't have asked for more than that.

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If you can find any the Nintendo Adventure books are really unique. After all its not often you get to read a choose your own adventure book staring different Nintendo characters. As stated by other posters the Resident Evil novels by S.D. Perry do a pretty good job of novelizing the games.

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Every game ever that has a stage creator of some sort recreates level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Now they have the perfect tool to recreate it again.