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Since Tales From the Borderlands isn't completely out yet I'll put my vote towards The Wolf Among Us. I wouldn't call it the best game they've made but it is a solid detective story within the world of Fables.

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I really should go back and play through the first one. From the trailer this new one has style but I wonder if it'll have enough new mechanics to make it a proper sequel.

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This seems like it should be aimed at me but it just doesn't seem like it would work out at all. I just can't see them get enough games to make it a worthwhile purchase.

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I could see it being Vinny's Game Of The Year but GOTY overall no. Games released in the fall seem to have a higher chance of getting into the top spot since it will be in their thoughts more than a game that was released 6-12 months ago.

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I've actually been writing mini reviews of all the games I've played for the past few years. So according to that this is my list of 5/5 games.

- Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

- Animal Crossing: New Leaf

-Hotline Miami

-The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

-Dust: A Elysian Tale


-Kirby: Triple Deluxe

-Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies


-Rayman Legends


-Mutant Mudds

-Persona 4: Arena Ultimax

-Persona 3

-Super Mario Bros 3

-The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

-Metal Gear Solid

I'm sure this isn't the full list but here is a good mix of new and old games that I think are worth a near perfect rating.

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Well thanks to my internet provider I usually have to stick to sub-HD. Otherwise I would be streaming HD all the time like I used to. Although I don't really care if it's SD or HD. No matter the quality I'll still enjoy the content of whatever I happen to be watching.

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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, the addition of the soul system gave me new ways to deal with the different monsters in the castle. Plus the surprise twist in the story also made this game into my favorite metroidvania.

Runners up Guacamelee and Super Metroid

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I'm going to be 28 soon in a few months and unless the video game apocalypse happens I'll be playing them till the end.

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I picked up Freedom Wars and have been enjoying it a lot more than when I tried Soul Sacrifice.

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Time to predict the future. First up


Uncharted 4: A Theif's End They have to show this again although I expect it might just be a nice trailer after the overly long game play segment last time.

Wipeout Returns: Sony gets someone to do a new Wipeout.

Guerrillas Fantasy Game: They've mentioned working on this before so this seems like a good time to show it off.

New Sucker Punch game that isn't Infamous: Sure it's more likely they are working on more Infamous but it would be neat to see something new.

No Man's Sky: Everyone seems to be super interested in it so why not show it off again?

Vita Is a Indie Machine: Look at all these indie games that are coming to the vita. Plus we've got another 3rd party port game like Borderlands 2.

Japanese Developers are making games now: Persona 5 trailer, possible sizzle reel with a bunch of random Japanese games shown, Dragon Quest Heroes trailer.


Gears Of War Remake: This is pretty much confirmed so they will show it.

Gears Of War 4/subtitle teaser: The remake is just a half step till they show off the real new game.

Scalebound: Seems like they will show off all the stylish action Scalebound has if they've had enough time to make a good demo.

Rare is making something other than Kinect games: Battletoads? some random new IP? Or is it just another Kinect game since they need to put out something for it.


MS LOVES indies too: Cuphead demo, new game that has a nice looking art style like Ori, and a sizzle reel.


New Mario Game?: If the Wii U is going to keep going I would expect at least one more Mario game.

New Smash Bros Character: They seem to like to announce random SSB characters so why not another one at E3?

Virtual Console is still a thing: Look we've got *insert random games* that we'll put out at a super slow rate.

Fire Emblem IF: Seems likely they would show more of this along with FExSMT.

Metroid U: I know it's unlikely but it seems like a good time for a new Metroid game.

Animal Crossing U: Maybe with a new art style? Throw in some cel shading to mix it up a bit.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: They should show this off again.

Continuing the trend of making 3DS remakes: Insert another game everyone loves that they are now remaking on 3DS.


Fallout 4 with some Doom 4 thrown in too: This seems like it would be the reason they are doing a stage show.

Bethesda is publishing other stuff: It's better than Wet and Rogue Warrior this time we promise.

Battlecry: Sure they might as well show this too.

Square Enix

I'm not expecting anything new but they've got quite the list of games coming out already.

Final Fantasy: XIV, Kingdom Hearts III, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Tomb Raider 2,Dragon Quest Heroes etc.