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It does seem like you'll have a better time in PVP once you get to a higher level although that shouldn't matter. Once I started using the fusion rifle up close and the scout rife at range I started to at least remain in the middle of the pack during pvp. I even managed to get the top spot one time which is kinda amazing since I never play very much competitive mutiplayer. Also make sure you keep tabs on the radar since if you know someone is coming it's easier to react to them.

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Sure it's a fun game to play coop. Solo is fine too in a loot grind kinda way but it's obvious they want people to team up a lot.

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Sure I'm willing to attempt it. I am also level 25 and my psn is neverending.

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I've had about 5 disconnects spread over the five days it's been out. Pretty sure it only happened during a story mission or patrols.

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I was in High school in gym class when something seemed amiss. Didn't know the full impact of what happened till I got to my english class since the teacher turned on the tv so the class could see what was going on. After I got home my family was pretty much glued to the tv all day.

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I reget that I didn't pick up one of these when they were on the store. Thanks for giving me a chance to win one duder.

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Eh Jeff is the same Jeff we've known for a long time. The issues he has with it is certainly valid especially in the mission design early on. Going through the same area's over and over again is kinda repetitive.

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When I first heard about this I was kinda puzzled but then I remembered that Persona has some great music so I'm semi excited for it. It would be nice if they included some tracks from the other Persona games other than 4 but that seems unlikely.

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Kinda although they don't really seem to give much context to what's going on early on. I'm hoping it's a bit more than blah blah darkness blah blah.

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The darkness welcomes all with open arms. Join us or just keeping using the white version of this silly website.