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I've only had two different avatars since I joined the site in 2009. I started off with a pic of Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star for the obvious reason. At some point in the last 4 years I switched over to Aisha and never really changed it again. I was going to do a random rotation of Outlaw Star characters but I figured it was better to keep the same pic instead of changing it all the time.

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I don't really see much of a reason to get any version other than the normal one. No reason to pay for the expansions before at least one of them come out.

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I played it when it originally came out and it did crash at least 5 times before I finished it. It definitely has some issues. Spawning to many items could be making it crash.

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I don't really see a reason to pick up the retron 5 right now although I still own all of the consoles it can play. Plus other than the Genesis they are all still hooked up too. It could certainly be a valid purchase if a few of my consoles fail and if it's cheaper to buy one instead of getting replacement consoles.

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The ever sporadic wiki editor has returned with a much less filled out page than last time since I pretty much only started filling it out today. XBLAZE Code: Embryo I'll most likely spend a good amount of time adding in details about the colorful cast of characters tomorrow.

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@sethphotopoulos Looking at the order status it does say Paypal orders will be charged now so I don't know why they didn't charge me. Maybe someone at Best Buy caught on and they plan on not honoring this price.

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I'm not quite sure why but they didn't charge me the 53$ for the game. I also used paypal as well.

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I can confirm that someone at your Wal Mart is either crazy or really doesn't want to get rid of old stock for some strange reason.

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The fact that they charge now isn't the best situation ever yet if this saves me 30$ then I won't mind. I can always cancel it if they decide to not honor the price.

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