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Kinda although they don't really seem to give much context to what's going on early on. I'm hoping it's a bit more than blah blah darkness blah blah.

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The darkness welcomes all with open arms. Join us or just keeping using the white version of this silly website.

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This reminds me I should also fix up some semi reasonable looking flyers to post around my community. Last year no one really seemed to care but I expect if I keep putting them out each year someone will eventually be generous enough to donate. Since your going to be streaming every day I'll at least check out your stream every now and then. Good luck!

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Well MKX getting a release date is nice even if Goro being dlc is kinda ehhh.

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I almost never swear yet I have also been coming to this site for a long time so I don't really notice whenever someone swears a lot.

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Well I wasn't sure if i was going to buy one of these shirts but it seems my desire for silly shirts has no limit so I placed a order for one. Great job on the design Fobwashed.

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Now that I think about it a bit I usually spent about the same amount of time on all of the consoles. For some reason I go from one device to the next without really overusing a certain one. This could be thanks to psplus slightly since it gives me a reason to check out games on ps3\4\vita.

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Eh not liking sports doesn't seem like it should be very high on a list of things that you should be embarrassed about. People assume a lot of things by the way we look unfortunately. If they can't get pass the first impression then maybe it isn't worth starting a conversation with them.

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I am so far ingrained into this silly website that is slightly about video games that I am usually willing to watch/listen to just about anything. Although certain quick looks of games that I enjoy playing yet the bombcrew don't like them at all so it's usually not funny to watch them play it. Dota is also on that list even though that's mainly thanks to Brad playing way to much of it so I got burned out on it.

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We all know Activision likes money so I always thought it was odd they didn't get someone to make the pc port now instead of a year or two later. It's not like having a pc port is somehow going to decrease sales after all. As for when it'll come out I'm thinking it'll take at least a year unless they already have someone working on it.