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Well I've always been kinda iffy on whether I would pick up the dlc and the fact that this sounds like what I was expecting is kinda off-putting. But with nothing really coming out in December I might still get it. Although it also matters how many of my friends plan on picking it up as well.

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Ohh that's some aggressive pricing. Kinda temping but I think I would rather spend that 350 on other gaming related stuff.

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Well I didn't make my goal but I still got 100$ for the kids. Plus I enjoyed playing the games more this year too since I had a variety of game types.

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I'll give you a incentive to beat the final boss during your 24 hour stream tomorrow. If you win I'll donate 10$ but if you lose I'll still donate 5$. Although at this point it might be worth grinding some levels or extra healing items.

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24 years of games in 24 hours was the motif I went with this year. So I'll be playing a assortment of games from certain consoles in 2 hour blocks. You can see the full list at my twitch page. I'll be going solo again this year other than the extended 2 hours if I manage to hit my goal. If you wish to donate then go to this link. Also my start time is this Saturday at 8AM EDT/5AM PDT. Tune in and listen to me slowly lose my mind for the kids!

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I almost always go with what I like more so than what a review tells me. If I keep hearing good things about a game it's certainly possible that would sway me eventually.

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I almost always play some kind of game each day although that isn't a guarantee if I'm busy with something else.

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@fcdrandy I guess my edit wasn't fast enough haha. Link was corrected.

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