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Ha at this point I don't even care who picks up twitch. If this buyout improves twitch in the right direction then I'll think about using it again.

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Alex will win unless some backroom deals get made to take him down. It's to bad WrestleMania 2000 can't do something silly like allow a third player to interrupt the match at some point.

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This is the best news I've ever read in a while. I don't buy early access games yet I'll make a exception this time.

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1. MGS The game that started it all is still number one in my book.

2. MGS3 Big Boss's first foray into tactical espionage action was a notable one gameplay and story wise.

3. MGS4 It's crazy in all the right ways.

4. MGSGZ Control wise this might have just perfected stealth gameplay. At least it made it more fun to play.

5. MGR Yo Raiden is a ninja plus this game gets the award for having the most fitting music while cutting a metal gear in two award.

6. MGS Ghost Babel They somehow made a metal gear game work on a Game Boy.

7. MG1 Metal Gear on MSX is actually still playable today along with the sequel MG2: Solid Snake.

8. MGS2 Not sure why but it didn't impress me at the time.

9. MGPW I really didn't enjoy anything about Peace Walker at all. Especially once it started to make me repeat missions to unlock the rest of the story.

10. Bottom of the barrel Metal Gear Acid 1/2, MGS Portable Ops, Twin Snakes These aren't super bad but I'm just kinda ehhh about them.

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@ezekiel I used Enhanced Steam which tells you how much you've made when looking at the steam marketplace. @forcen pointed it out a few posts above mine.

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Jeez I didn't know I made 86$ on stream cards at this point. .10c cards start to add up if you have a bunch of steam games. Anyway the most I ever made was selling the Genuine Pip boy item for 1.40$

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@dwigtk Other than getting a new stream key all of the options you already set up for twitch will work with hitbox.

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Going by that small teaser the next Silent Hill game will be the kind of horror game I've been wanting to play again since SH2. Horror wise at least since I hope the puzzles aren't that vague in the final game.

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You don't really need to go back to the original if you've played Twin Snakes. Although it might be worth playing MGS if your interested in seeing how the story was told originally since it has a different style than TS.

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Microsoft really needs to learn how to clearly state their exclusivity deals.