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I'm not seeing the point of this being published by Sierra other than it looks like a old game. Hopefully this turns out to be good since I also really enjoyed the 1st Geometry Wars.

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Well this isn't the game that would make me buy a xbox. Also the fact that it's a Tomb Raider game is a little odd but maybe it wouldn't have happened without MS help?

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At this point they might as well stick with the original name. Changing the name now will just confuse the general audience again.

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One of these days I'm actually going to play the assortment of games I've got from Origin for free.

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I will say that I tend to watch video content instead of read a article someone has wrote. I certainly still read some stuff like this forum post and whatever articles Patrick puts on this site but that pales in comparison to the insane amount of GB video content I've watched over the years. Although in the past all we had was a bunch of text in magazines and I spend a lot of time reading different gaming magazines so it seems like the written word should still be effective. Finding the balance between writing something and video content doesn't seem like a easy task. In the end it's all about the kind of content people produce and if the viewer wants to read/watch it.

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Tank controls may be optional but I'll be using them since that was the way it was meant to be played.

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Happ... wait I'm a day late? Nooooo, oh well Happy late Birthday Jeff!

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Continuing the trend of editing seemingly random niche games this week I took some time to fill out The Witch and the Hundred Knight. I figured it at least deserved more detail than just a small overview. The game itself is actually a fun action rpg too.

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Congratulations! Having new mods around is always a good thing and they look like worthy picks to me.

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Well from last year the one thing I'm definitely going to do is test every game before I decide to try to stream it. Anyway my extra life page is here and my twitch stream is here. I'm not sure if I'm going to take the lazy approach by streaming games that came out in Sept/Oct or do a lot of prep work to set up a gaming across a generation type of setting. So I would play a game or two from each console going from NES to GCN. I'll post again when I have a full schedule on my twitch page.