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@kaos_cracker Yes you can start on any day you want. They usually just have the official date on Saturday since it is a good day for people to do a 24 hour marathon.

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I bought the import version of Project Diva F a while ago but for that price I might pick up the localized version. Battle Princess of Arcadias is also another game I might pick up as well.

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I agree with the GB staff on this and it's unfortunate that they even had to post this article.

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I've meant to at least say that you really did a great job Sanj. I really like this type of art style.

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Dual wielding pistols sounds pretty fun to me so I think I would go down Nisha's middle skill tree first. If I was going to play with others I would most likely go with Claptraps right tree since it seems like a good support character archetype.

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Thanks for writing this article Patrick. It's better to let people know about this so they can hopefully crackdown on over the top craziness like this.

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I tried it and I only really liked the Tomato flavored Almonds. The rest of the snacks were okay but not enough to pay 20$ a month.

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I thought it would be a lot more noticeable when someone had better gear but it just felt like normal PvP. The supreme victory of Lincoln was also a nice bonus. It doesn't happen often but having a full team is really fun.

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I've liked every Ys game that came out over here so I expect this one will be pretty good. It kinda looks like it'll just be upgraded port of the vita version going by the way it looks but that's fine. After all Ys is all about the boss fights.

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Good job on the article @patrickklepek. I usually try to take on a raid in a game eventually but it was interesting to read about a group that wanted to be the first to do it.