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Valve finally got me to craft a badge. Team green overkill mode activate! I seem to be in my oh why not it's so cheap state of mind for buying steam games. Picked up Bleed, Shadowrun Returns and Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae so far.

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Looks like a solid list for the first six months of 2014. Towerfall, Mario Kart 8 and Transistor could all be on my list too. I've fallen off the souls train for now and I just don't think South Park is funny. The only game that I really enjoyed this year that isn't on this list is Danganronpa.

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Seems like another good director for Star Wars 8 and 9. I hope they all turn out to be worthy additions to the SW legacy.

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This week Brad has all the power. Thus we will get UPDOTA. It looks like at least some of the equipment is in place since they posted a Unfinished this morning.

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I only put it on standby if I know that it will be downloading a game I bought. Otherwise I turn it all the way off.

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Seems like it's similar to the Ultra Street Fighter 4 stick they revealed a little while ago. Yu has a blue tint just like Ryu does on the other one. Plus the right side of both sticks have the rest of the fighters. I'm more likely to buy this one since I like Persona more than Street Fighter.

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Defending the base seems like a neat way to use the different things that can be sent to the base. I do hope we can also go on the offensive as well with a group of soldiers and vehicles.

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I've found that needlessly worrying about something almost never works out. At this point they still have quite a lot of viewers tuning in for live streams. Once it looks like no one is watching then we should start worrying about this site.

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After two generations of Xbox consoles I've come to the realization that I don't need to get a xbox console this time. Since I always buy third party games on ps3/4 or pc it's pointless for me to get a Xbox One since the first party games don't interest me as much. Plus any of the games I might actually want to play are coming to PC as well like Dead Rising 3 or Super Time Force.

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A three way Bombing' in the AM sounds doable if Vinny somehow gets his PC this week. Otherwise they will be spending the week/month setting up the office and ordering stuff.