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I've always liked every single Star Wars film and the ton of SW related games/books as well. In some ways I grew up in just the right time to love both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. Since I was under 10 years old when watching the first 3 films on VHS and the next 3 in theaters while I was a teenager I managed to enjoy them all. Sure they are not perfect movies in any way but it seems I am a Star Wars fan for life.

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It seems like the dlc will be free for everyone a week later. pre order dlc -read the key features line near the bottom. Which makes it a pretty bad reason to pre order it just for that.

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@thatpinguino This is kinda last minute but I'll lend my support to the GBER as well. I'm already on explosive runs from the extra life stream so we don't have to worry about that. My streams will be every day with a full playthrough of Freedom Planet tonight from 9PM EST to 2AM EST. Then on both Saturday and Sunday I'll be streaming Gurumin: A Monsterous Adventure from 11:00AM EST to 4:00PM EST.

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I've been maintaining a hour of exercise each day for a while now so I'll have no issues with this challenge. Exercising each day really gives you plenty of benefits if you just keep at it. Lets keep this chain going all the way to E3!

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I never managed to get into a TNT since it was mostly 360 games. But I did love to watch it. Whenever I go back to watch old GB videos TNT's are usually on the top of my list of videos to watch.

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Since I had a 32 inch CRT that would take to much effort to get rid of I turned my front porch into a retro game console paradise. So yeah I still play old games. Both the good and bad since I'm weirdly curious to see if average games manage to maintain their mediocrity.

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I've backed 3 games so far.

Amplitude - John Drake singing Barkerville might have sold me on this more than it should have. Plus I like this type of music game too.

Shantae: Half Genie Hero - I like the Shantae games and Way Forward usually makes good games.

Mighty Number 9 - I've enjoyed playing Mega Man games so this seemed like it was worth backing.

All of these Kickstarters were from notable game developers so I'm sure they'll at least put something out even if it doesn't live up to expectations.

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$107.90 million

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One save is all I ever needed. Occasionally I'll have two for games that require a extra save like Skyrim.

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The two Gamestop stores I go to are always in good condition. The fact that one is downtown and the other is in a busy shopping center probably gives them a reason to keep the stores looking good. I always go in knowing what I want and they usually have a reasonable stock of games. Although I have been the one to buy the last copy of a niche game quite a few times.