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Looks like we will be going to the Moon tomorrow. It starts at 2pm PDT on Saturday. If anyone on PS4 wants to join up to take on the new story mission and a possible strike run afterward send me a pm. We could even do a few Iron Banner matches if enough people are up for it.

Edit: @shadowswordmaster Now that I think about it just adding my psn would have been easier heh. psnid: neverending Anyone that sends a friend request just mention that your from GB.

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Looks like clan tags might be fixed now. At least this is the first time I've noticed the Lincoln Force tag under my name. Now if only we could see the clan roster in game.

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Counter Spy and Hohokum are the ones I'm most likely to pick up. I don't really have a reason to get the other two since I already own them on pc.

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I sent in a request to join NA East.

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I played through Muramasa Rebirth and Marvel Heroes. I liked playing Muramasa more than I thought I would since it has more depth to the combat than I expected. Obviously you never really could beat a MMO yet I beat the current final boss in MH so I consider that to be the end of the game.

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Well you don't really need to sell me on the Ace Attorney series since I've been a fan since the DS ports. I even imported a few of the games just to get them a few weeks earlier. This blog seems like a good primer for anyone that might not know about Phoenix Wright.

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I actually have one of those GTA IV bats too. Like you I didn't even know I had won it till it randomly showed up in the mail. I've certainly thought about selling some of my rarer games like Earthbound or Duck Tales 2. But it seems I decided to keep everything instead of trying to sell it.I might change my attitude some day but for now I've collected a sizable collection of video games.

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I've only had two different avatars since I joined the site in 2009. I started off with a pic of Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star for the obvious reason. At some point in the last 4 years I switched over to Aisha and never really changed it again. I was going to do a random rotation of Outlaw Star characters but I figured it was better to keep the same pic instead of changing it all the time.

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I don't really see much of a reason to get any version other than the normal one. No reason to pay for the expansions before at least one of them come out.

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I played it when it originally came out and it did crash at least 5 times before I finished it. It definitely has some issues. Spawning to many items could be making it crash.