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I thought it would be a lot more noticeable when someone had better gear but it just felt like normal PvP. The supreme victory of Lincoln was also a nice bonus. It doesn't happen often but having a full team is really fun.

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I've liked every Ys game that came out over here so I expect this one will be pretty good. It kinda looks like it'll just be upgraded port of the vita version going by the way it looks but that's fine. After all Ys is all about the boss fights.

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Good job on the article @patrickklepek. I usually try to take on a raid in a game eventually but it was interesting to read about a group that wanted to be the first to do it.

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It does seem like you'll have a better time in PVP once you get to a higher level although that shouldn't matter. Once I started using the fusion rifle up close and the scout rife at range I started to at least remain in the middle of the pack during pvp. I even managed to get the top spot one time which is kinda amazing since I never play very much competitive mutiplayer. Also make sure you keep tabs on the radar since if you know someone is coming it's easier to react to them.

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Sure it's a fun game to play coop. Solo is fine too in a loot grind kinda way but it's obvious they want people to team up a lot.

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Sure I'm willing to attempt it. I am also level 25 and my psn is neverending.

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I've had about 5 disconnects spread over the five days it's been out. Pretty sure it only happened during a story mission or patrols.

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I was in High school in gym class when something seemed amiss. Didn't know the full impact of what happened till I got to my english class since the teacher turned on the tv so the class could see what was going on. After I got home my family was pretty much glued to the tv all day.

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I reget that I didn't pick up one of these when they were on the store. Thanks for giving me a chance to win one duder.

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Eh Jeff is the same Jeff we've known for a long time. The issues he has with it is certainly valid especially in the mission design early on. Going through the same area's over and over again is kinda repetitive.