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Although I didn't have much access to Carmen Sandiego games other than on NES I do remember watching the game show a lot. Along with the cartoon that most likely doesn't live up to my memories. It is to bad the IP is stuck in limbo. Since if it had the same care as the original game it could be a great piece of education software for a new generation.

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Ah a Giant Bomb mash up with anime we are indeed one step closer to our dystopian future. If I had more than just half baked drawing skills I would push us even further in that direction.

Lots of good discussions and blogs this week. Good job everyone!

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The 4 pillars of Bias:

1. Kirby, I own just about every Kirby game since he first came out on the Game Boy.

2. Persona, the fact that I really enjoyed Persona 3 and the bolted on love of P4 thanks to the endurance run most likely made me a fan for life.

3. Dynasty Warriors, I just gotta get my fix man. I need to KO thousands of Chinese warriors during the Romance of the Three Kingdom's period or I don't feel alive each year. (Anime pirates or Gundams also work.)

4. Metal Gear Solid, so I own 3 copies of of MGS2/3. Including the original games plus the fact I bought both the essential collection to get a physical copy of MGS and the HD collection for Peace Walker. The over the top narrative just keeps me coming back for more.

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I do agree that Peace Walker does a much better job of having a intriguing storyline compared to MGSV. For 80% of the game I enjoyed seeing what would happen next but I think the final 20% soured the game to a lot of people. Fighting the final few bosses solo and the grind to get the true (Paz) ending just wasn't fun.

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@freddiefiasco: Going by last year they finalized their plans for Extra Life the week it was going to happen. So don't expect them to talk about it till at least a week before the appointed date.

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This doesn't seem like the worst thing they could have done. Multiplayer is the main reason people keep coming back for more. The last generation seems like it has been sticking on longer than normal with a reasonable list of releases each year. Persona 5 might just be the last big hurrah before the end.

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I couldn't have asked for a better steam than this. The fact that Patrick fell for all the traps just made it better.

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I bow to my new mod masters. *bow* Please don't' hurt me! ;)

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Glad to see more ways for people to check out the Mega Man Legends series. I liked this game enough to pick up Mega Man 64 even though I already owned a PS1 copy.

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@brake: Although it was rough early on the few matches I played of it were playable. Some videos of the last beta looked like most of the matches were lag free. Not sure about the wait time on matches though.