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Well it could be a interesting show if they manage to do it right. But I never really thought about them doing a live action Zelda TV show so I'm not quite sure how they could do this the right way.

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Other than the awesome art style I've noticed that this game has a ton of variety so it's doubtful the combat will ever get old. Since most areas have a different challenge to complete that is more than just fight stuff.

Like one mission in the forest is actually a stealth mission or in one of the underworld missions it turns into a platformer for a few minutes. Plus I like how each boss gave me a reason to switch up my tactics. Didn't really see anything wrong with the combat but I guess it does take some time to get used to it.

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I always used Joystiq as one of my go to sites for video game news. So the fact that it might shut down is a bummer.

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My mom was a elementary school teacher for over 30 years and it can certainly be overwhelming sometimes. But she never gave up on trying to make everyone learn something new before the school year was over. Remember no matter how hard it gets your hard work will pay off one day if that annoying kid turns into a responsible adult.

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I've heard the Dead Island moba is actually pretty good but it is the most pointless use of a IP that isn't popular enough to get enough players to keep a community going.

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I've only backed 3 games on Kickstarter and they were all fairly high profile so it's unlikely that they will explode at some point. Mighty Number 9, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero and Amplitude all seem like they are progressing toward their projected release dates.

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I've always considered their pan pizza to be my favorite kind of pizza. It's good that they now have more options for toppings but the only kind I need in a pizza is pepperoni.

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I won't say no to a chance to win free stuff. Thanks Rorie.

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Well this gives me a reason to pick up X-wing/Tie Fighter again without picking up a flight stick.