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So many hours of good video game related content within only one month. If only I had enough time to watch it all.

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I'm sure will be seeing him pimping some new game on Giant Bomb at some point once someone hires him. I hope he finds a new job soon.

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Going with Hunter since that class has mad jumps. Throwing knives and the magic fire pistol is a nice bonus too.

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Other than everything looking slightly nicer it seems like the main difference is that they added more of everything. So instead of a almost deserted street you now have a super busy street with more people and cars.

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Well I only played one pvp match on the moon map but it seemed okay. I don't know if everyone else knew how to deal with them but it seemed like the vehicles were blown up quickly. In every encounter it always seemed like I had a chance to win. Not just playing it like a normal shooter and using the different skills seems important like I seemed to confuse a few people by double jumping.

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I wonder if having all those effects on breaks something like online matches. I'm just assuming they had a good reason to not have these as the default graphics for Watch Dogs on pc. After all having a game look like that is a selling point.

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I guess I shouldn't have deleted my alpha yet. Eh I think I've seen all I need to see of this game anyway till the beta comes out next month. If something neat happens I'm sure someone will be live streaming it anyway.

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Hm I never noticed this in any game that had it. I guess I'm so used to adapting to whatever viewpoint a game has I don't really pay attention to it.

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Nah I don't see a reason to make a brand new game staring Crash. It just doesn't seem like a franchise that would sell much these days unfortunately.

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I also requested to join and my id is riostarwind. It could also show up as neverending since that's my psnid.