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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: The Witcher 0

The Witcher has plenty of flaws but it still manages to set the foundations for a interesting series overall. The strongest part of this game is the story which tells a tale of how Geralt must forge a new identity while making his way through the land around Vizima. Over time the narrative just keeps getting better with the realization that everything just isn't going to go the right way no matter what he tries to do. The gameplay part of this equation is certainly unique with the combat requir...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Return of the demon blade 0

Muramasa Rebirth manages to make a awesome action game with only one attack button. The fact that it has a good variety of attacks like a slide dash or a up slash keeps the combat interesting. Each sword in this game also has a special attack that can aid the player a bit in a few situations. The unfortunate thing is that most of the special moves don't seem to be as effective as normal attacks. Most of the time I would rather keep my sword bar near max instead using some energy for a special mo...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Super Godzilla 0

Since the new Godzilla film is coming out I thought I would at least play through the one Godzilla game I own. This game had so much potential if they only refined the combat a bit better it could have been a great Godzilla game. The first type of gameplay you start with is stomping around different cities in japan in a overhead tactical view. The main goal is to get through the city and collect items so you will be better prepared to face the boss at the end. Plenty of obstacles get in the way...

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A samurai's journey never ends... 0

 So I finally got around to playing through one of my favorite budget titles from Spike. The way of the samurai series has always been unique in the many ways it mixes RPG/action and story progression. They added a few new things in but this is pretty much the same exact game as the other ones. Lets start off with a little preview of what kind of choices you might make. You start off as a ronin samurai who has been wounded from the previous battle. A townsperson comes up to you and asks if your ...

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AfterBurner returns! 0

 I always threw in a ton of quarters into the original Afterburner wherever it seemed to pop up. Blasting through the sky at supersonic speeds is what it's all about and the arcade sequel to that game kept that most important detail. Now it comes to psn and it's time to see if it lives up to my memories. As it states in the title this is truly the Climax for afterburner. You only have two different modes in this game. Score Attack where it all about how many points you can get and Arcade mode ...

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A overlooked yet solid beat em up 0

This game can be most compared to Ku Fu from the NES days with a few extra tidbits added in. You can run around punching/kicking out enemies to make it to the end of the area while picking up extra weapons along the way like nun chucks or even a pistol. They don't last very long but they do add some variety to the gameplay. Also if you get lucky your enemy will be stunned which allows you to preform a special move which is nice but after seeing all 8 they might get old after a while. The final b...

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