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Mini Review: Halo 2 Anniversary 0

Originally Halo 2 left a bad impression on me for the fact that I had to wait till the next game to see what happened next. It also felt like a short game yet revisiting it now I realize that I was wrong. Bungie keeps the story interesting with two opposing viewpoints that eventually merge together. Along with the nice looking CG cut scenes that kept me wanting to keep playing just to see the next one. The gameplay has also been augmented with the ability to dual wield two guns. Which allows the...

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Mini Review: Bells Bells NEED MORE BELLS! 0

Animal Crossing still works in all the right ways. A fairly simple game about starting a new life in a small town and trying to pay off your ever increasing debt to Tom Nook. To do this you can fish, catch bugs and find the magical rock that drops money like every AC game. Which is fairly addicting in some weird way. Designing your own unique house is also a element although at this point I just throw whatever I can find into mine. One of the new features is being a Mayor which lets you place bu...

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Mini Review: Three minutes to midnight 0

CounterSpy is a simple but effective stealth game that is about stopping two rival nations that have started a arms race to nuke the moon which will have the bad side effect of the moon falling onto the planet. As a agent of C.O.U.N.T.E.R. it is your job to stealth your way through a assortment of hidden bases to find the plans in order to stop armageddon. Most of the time this game is played in a 2D perspective although it kicks into 3D when hiding behind cover. Using the short amount of time t...

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Mini Review: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 0

This review is of the Master Chief collection version of Halo. The foundations are here with great combat that requires some thought like it is half puzzle all action. Along with a few nice set piece moments that remind you how much fun it is to drive a warthog or the explosive dramatic intro level that lets you know what you've gotten yourself into. The overall story line is a little lacking but it also has its moments. It is also to bad that all the interesting story bits are hidden in termina...

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Mini Review: Murasaki Baby 0

Traditional games using a gamepad are nice but when a game comes along that uses all the features of a device it gives it a unique feel compared to everything else. Using both the back/front touch screen and the gyros along with traditional controls at one point you'll always be given something new that must be used to figure out the next puzzle. This gives the simple premise of dragging a lost girl named Baby along while she tries to find her mother plenty of unique moments. With the obviously ...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews Yakuza 0

This game sets up a interesting tale of betrayal and murder in the seedy underbelly of Japan. Along with a simple but effective beat em up combat it kept my interest in it till the conclusion. It also doesn't waste any time with setting up a compelling mystery and a unique cast of characters as well. Unfortunately the main thing most people will notice is that the voice acting is really over the top. (AKA bad) Along with not having a good way to switch targets during a fight makes this game les...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 0

Now I see why everyone considers this game to be the best Mario & Luigi game. Having Bowser as a party member added a ton of moments you wouldn't see otherwise which gave this game a unique take on the M&L series. The best thing this game does compared to the other ones is that is has so much variety in how each fight plays out. The timing based attacks like Paper Mario are mixed in with the fact you battle enemies both in and out of Bowser gives each battle a unique spin. Along with the...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Splatoon! 0

This game manages to take the simple concept of painting the environment and turns it into a fun multiplayer shooter. The story mode isn't half bad either with it getting really interesting near the end of the game. Most of the levels of the single player game are a bit easy so don't expect it to challenge you till near the end. The multiplayer was the true focus with a large assortment of costume pieces that will customize your inkling. Each piece of gear will give you different perks that'll ...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 0

The Witcher 3 manages to mix the best things about the first two games into a open world environment. First up the story is more compelling since it is about Geralt trying to find and help his daughter Ciri. Along the way he meets a cast of interesting characters like the often mentioned Bloody Baron. Which gives the player a reason to keep heading down the main story path more so than most open world games. Along with that the gameplay finally feels like a action game that lets me dodge and co...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: The Witcher 0

The Witcher has plenty of flaws but it still manages to set the foundations for a interesting series overall. The strongest part of this game is the story which tells a tale of how Geralt must forge a new identity while making his way through the land around Vizima. Over time the narrative just keeps getting better with the realization that everything just isn't going to go the right way no matter what he tries to do. The gameplay part of this equation is certainly unique with the combat requir...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Return of the demon blade 0

Muramasa Rebirth manages to make a awesome action game with only one attack button. The fact that it has a good variety of attacks like a slide dash or a up slash keeps the combat interesting. Each sword in this game also has a special attack that can aid the player a bit in a few situations. The unfortunate thing is that most of the special moves don't seem to be as effective as normal attacks. Most of the time I would rather keep my sword bar near max instead using some energy for a special mo...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Super Godzilla 0

Since the new Godzilla film is coming out I thought I would at least play through the one Godzilla game I own. This game had so much potential if they only refined the combat a bit better it could have been a great Godzilla game. The first type of gameplay you start with is stomping around different cities in japan in a overhead tactical view. The main goal is to get through the city and collect items so you will be better prepared to face the boss at the end. Plenty of obstacles get in the way...

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A samurai's journey never ends... 0

 So I finally got around to playing through one of my favorite budget titles from Spike. The way of the samurai series has always been unique in the many ways it mixes RPG/action and story progression. They added a few new things in but this is pretty much the same exact game as the other ones. Lets start off with a little preview of what kind of choices you might make. You start off as a ronin samurai who has been wounded from the previous battle. A townsperson comes up to you and asks if your ...

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AfterBurner returns! 0

 I always threw in a ton of quarters into the original Afterburner wherever it seemed to pop up. Blasting through the sky at supersonic speeds is what it's all about and the arcade sequel to that game kept that most important detail. Now it comes to psn and it's time to see if it lives up to my memories. As it states in the title this is truly the Climax for afterburner. You only have two different modes in this game. Score Attack where it all about how many points you can get and Arcade mode ...

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A overlooked yet solid beat em up 0

This game can be most compared to Ku Fu from the NES days with a few extra tidbits added in. You can run around punching/kicking out enemies to make it to the end of the area while picking up extra weapons along the way like nun chucks or even a pistol. They don't last very long but they do add some variety to the gameplay. Also if you get lucky your enemy will be stunned which allows you to preform a special move which is nice but after seeing all 8 they might get old after a while. The final b...

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