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In 2008, like many of you I found Giant Bomb. For four years this website has basically been my go to for community stuff and videogame content. It was home. Until last month when I made a joke poll, arguably aimed at a non-existent user and got suspended for it. Today, (6th of March 2012) I was permanently banned. The reason being, in the Off-Topic PM which most of you should be aware of at this point I made a post saying, if I was to hypothetically insult the user "Jaytow" here's how I'd do it and proceeded to say what I would say, if I was going to insult him. It was clear to everyone that it was a joke. If the word hypothetical wasn't clue enough, my tone and following picture should have been.

Personally I feel the mods used this deliberately as an excuse to get rid of me, granted I'm a bit of on argumentative asshole most, if not all of the time but we have fun with it! At least we did, this is such a weak reason to permanently stop me from being able to use Giant Bomb to it's full potential it's almost pitiful. I will be addressing my concerns about how the mods handle these situations to Ethan because I just don't think some of them make the cut.

I've been here since the first fucking blog, bought memberships and T-shirts and this is how I go out? Permanently banned over a light-hearted post as an easy way to get rid of someone who didn't get along with the moderators.

Goodbye for now guys, no doubt I'll be making a new account when all this blows over, so until then goodbye.

I'll be seeing you, you won't be seeing me.