Android phones, Liam Gallagher tones and a blog by Riot Bananas.

This week I got a new phone, the HTC Desire HD. Previously I had an iPhone 3G and the only way to describe how I feel is with the following metaphor: Imagine the most devout Christian you can, follows the bible's teachings to the letter, everything. Now imagine Aliens coming down and flying this Christian around the universe showing him how everything was really made. That pretty much sums up how I feel about going from iPhone to Android.
It's like I've been stuck in a box for 2 years and Android came along and said "What are you doing in there lol". I've become incredibly anal about making sure I close running processes to eke out as much memory as possible. It truly is an amazing phone, with an amazing OS. My girlfriend is pleased too because Android is getting BlackBerry Messenger. So it won't cost her all her text allowance to speak to me. 
I also picked up a promo CD for Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye. I hate the new name, they should have stuck with Oasis but I guess this finally means we won't be seeing an Oasis reunion. Which makes me sad because, well, I loved Oasis. Anyway, the CD isn't bad. They still sound very Oasis, they're just lacking a Noel and to be fair, he was half of the band in my eyes. Shame.  
Anyway, video games! I still haven't finished Dead Space 2, I picked it up just after launch and haven't managed to get back into it. I bought Marvel Vs Capcom 3 too but I literally played that once. I think there's like 2 games I actually really want this year, L.A Noire and Batman: Arkham City. I may pick up a LoveFILM sub for renting games. No point forking out £40 on games that I'm playing once.  
Sometimes I think I'm getting too old for games, like I burned myself out through school/college and now I don't care enough. Even Warcraft, playing that feels like a chore. I much prefer reading about WoW to playing it.

What else? 

 Oh yeah, I think I totally sorted my insomnia. At least for now anyway, stuff has been going good and I've been sleeping from like 1am-8am or 12am-9am and it seems to be going well. I don't feel any better than when I was getting like 2 hours sleep but I guess that will come in time. All this extra time in bed means I'm seriously behind on Giant Bomb GDC content so I better do that now. 
I love Sundays. 
Peace and love,  

Everything I'm currently thinking about in no order what-so-ever

It's 2am and I'm feeling really mardy. I'm anxious about stuff at work and in my love life so I just felt like blurting words out. It's like art but in text format. Grammar, spelling and punctuation in the text below will not be perfect. If legible at all. This isn't meant as something entertaining to read. I just want to type. I probably won't even publish it to a forum but I probably will cause no one will see it otherwise and ART IS MEANT TO BE SEEN.

I don't even know what to type I guess I just want to let words flow from what I'm feeling.  
I want to do something but I'm not sure what, there's nothing to do in this country on this day at this time. Pretty sure it's gay night in the clubs tonight so I'm not going out drinking that's for sure. I might go cook a pizza or something later, got a glass of pear cider next to me but it's January and cider is pretty summery. Don't want to drink it. Listening to Katy on a Mission by Katy B. Amazing song. 

I just wish there was a word to explain the feeling I'm experiencing right now. I feel angry, confused, awake, jealous, bored and frustated. Man that sentence wasn't all meant to be in italics but the whole posty thing here is buggy as fuck in Chrome. I like Chrome glad I switched. The song that's on now is awful. Seriously. I'll link it.  Ahh there we go, Lose Yourself - Eminem. Much better. (What happened here? Seriously? I just wanted the feelings to be bold and now this entire sentence is bold and underlined and I can't turn it off)

I get to see my girlfriend later today for the first time since Sunday. It's an annoyingly long time when you don't do much else. I'm doing manager training at work so in about 8 months time I'll have a much more rewarding job. Girlfriend is lovely. Even if I said I wouldn't do the whole commitment thing after my last relationship was a psychological nightmare. I'm sure this one will be fine though, I like her. AS LONG AS SHE TEXTS ME BACK INSTEAD OF PLAYING THE SIMS FOR 5 HOURS. It's weird, all my ex-girlfriends moaned about me playing games too much and now the boot's on the other foot. You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it. I liked Eminem a lot more when I was 13. Not sure why but now he just seems desperate. He's like Snoop Dogg but to a lesser extent. Snoop Dogg is just a sell out. 
 Wish I could actually be bothered to play games. Just bought a PS3. Bought Black Ops because LBP2 wasn't in the store I work at. The PS3 community fucking suck at FPS games. Just sayin'. 
Seriously though, look at that picture. What n00bz. I haven't played COD online since 2007. 
 Well now AC/DC has come on. I love AC/DC. Music these days is so trashy and forgettable. The chart music anyway. I guess that's always been the case though. Except these days everyone just wants to listen to black people sing about sex with an auto-tune thing.  
This is a mess, so is my head, Gary Sinise.

Living with Insomnia

I've been living with the curse that is insomnia for about 3 years now, this isn't that long compared to some sufferers but it's not a competition.  
I'm writing this because I'm on a massive comedown from the insomnia, I've slept about 10 hours this week and the last few months of restlessness are catching up with me, this is perfectly normal for me; I get these "comedowns" every few months, but this time I thought I'd share it. 
There isn't many feelings that depress me more than knowing how much I want to sleep, but it being utterly impossible. Every so often the exhaustion hits me and I pass out for what feels like days but really it's been 7 hours. It doesn't happen often enough though. I've tried pills but I refuse to become reliant on medication. If I get a headache or heartburn, I'll sit through it and let my body cope. 
As I type this, my head is throbbing and my hands are slow, my vision is distorted. I've been like this since yesterday, I took a trip to town, came back and it hit me. That's when I knew I'd hit a comedown. I call it a comedown as if I'm a drug user but I can't think of any other word that fits. 
An average day for me starts at about 2PM when I pull myself out of bed, I stay in bed so long just because it's warm and it's the closest I get to sleeping. I do normal daily things, sometimes I spend whole days in my room gaming or whatever and at about 10pm I start feeling tired. I used to get into bed and try and sleep but it didn't work, it's just my body's natural response I guess. So I get over that tiredness pretty fast and I end up awake, on GB and Facebook til about 3/4am until everyone has gone to bed.  
At around 4am I usually go for a walk and a smoke, listen to some music along the way. Helps me think about shit really, I get home for about 5:30am, it's normally lightening up outside by now, I'll have some food, get into bed, put a Bombcast on and lie there for a bit longer, sometimes I drift off to sleep for a few minutes, maybe an hour or two. Other times I just stay awake the whole time. 
After nearly 3 years of this my body has become accustomed to it, I don't really feel as if it's not normal any more but still, I'm always, always tired. 
EDIT: By the way, for those of you who think you might be an insomniac because your sleeping pattern is a bit messed up, that's not insomnia. I have had this medically defined too by the way, I'm not like one of those hipsters who says "OMG I'm so OCD, I have to have my games in alphabetical order" fuck off.


Going to buy a PS3 again....

March 23rd 2007, I took a day off to go buy a 60GB PS3 for £425. I also bought Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man for £50 each. I then bought a second SIXAXIS for £45. 
I enjoyed a year of gaming before I realised none of my friends were going to buy one, they all opted for a 360. I sold my PS3 in 2008 with the second controller and LBP for £155 to someone I know and got an Xbox. I haven't looked back. 
2011 comes and there is literally fuck all I want to play on Xbox at the moment. Gears of War 3 is probably the only thing I'm sort of excited for. 
But PS3 has the Move stuff which looks sort of neat, the Sly Collection, LBP2, God of War 3 and some other stuff you can't get elsewhere so I'm jumping back in. I can get a 160GB Slim PS3 for £220. How times have changed ¬_¬ 
So, games from the PS3 Back catalogue I should pick up? 


The number 101 is following me.

This has been happening for a while now, probably about 2 years, I keep seeing the number 101. I mean, it's getting spooky. Here I will document any photographic evidence I get of seeing the number 101, whether it's a score in a game or something in real life. I don't know how this started or where the number 101 first made an impact in my life, but now I see it everywhere. I'm rooting through all my phone pictures to find more proof but until then here are some more recent sightings.  
It does not really count if I see something along the lines of "Skating 101" because the number 101 is often used to describe teaching the most basic of skills.
Here are the images in link format cause I don't want the site to chug.  

  1. Randomly checked my friends play time in Killing Floor when we got a bit obsessed.
  2. A user replies to a comment I make about my music taste. 
  3. I break so many bones in Trials HD.
  4. A clever user being funny. 
  5. I liked something on Facebook...
I will keep adding to this as I see the number 101 throughout daily life. Just a note, I'm not "looking" for the number, it just randomly appears on things and I photograph it.


Song of the Week: Week 2

Here goes my second attempt at this format, except for the last 2 weeks I've been listening to deadmau5 non stop.  So for this week I've picked an older song. 
Have a listen and see why this is my song of the week afterwards. 

It's been a decade since this song was released, which seems crazy to me. The song used samples from 37 records, the main orchestral sample is taken from a piece of music which can be found here and the intro is from a comedy from the 80's. This song is a patchwork of other content that on paper should never work, but somehow it does and it's incredibly catchy. This is reason alone why it's song of the week. I've also used to twice this week to insult this crazy guy who's trying to woo one of my girl friends, just by linking the song on her Facebook after he's commented. I know, I'm a dick for doing it but he does need therapy.  
As a side note, the video for the song is as fittingly random as the song deserves.
So what did you think of it if you just heard it because of this post? And if you've heard it before now, what are your views?

Last blog of the year...

Well this year has been fucking nuts. Once again Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media as a whole has stolen my heart. I've blogged about injuries, heartbreak, games and now thanks. 
I would first of all like to thank you, the community. A large majority of the reason I am here still is because you guys are fantastic to talk to, argue with and game with. I've enjoyed every moment I've spent playing with you guys in TF2, GTA, and many more. 
Of course the community wouldn't exist without something that ties us all together and that something is Whiskey Media, so I would to thank the staff for keeping me entertained and laughing. I've never enjoyed sitting in one place for 1 hour let alone 13 hours but I did when I sat and watched The Big Live Live Show Live! I have never found a group of websites run by a more genuine bunch of people. Supporting the community's work as much as their own. I extend my thanks to the people behind the scenes, Dave, Vinny. Drew, Ana, Joey, Coonce. and the rest! Your work to keep the videos and sites in check is not going un-noticed! 
I would also like to thank the 100 people that follow me, I like the idea that atleast 5 of those people actually use the feature and read my shit. 
So yeah, thanks everyone. We've been through some rough patches, when everyone was moaning about the move to the new offices and subscriptions splitting the community but we got through it and we'll probably have moments like those again and we'll pull through those too! 
I look forward to what 2011 brings for us and Whiskey Media and I wish everyone a happy new year. 



Meet Jank, my new Goblin Rogue. He sneaks up on dudes, stabs them and rides away on a pimping Trike. Jank is where I've been for the last few days. 
Actually, I started off levelling my 80 Mage to 83 but then I got fed up of being a Mage (They're easy ya' know) so I decided Rogue was my next port of call. I'm terrible at sticking to one character, some of you may remember me blogging about leveling a Paladin a few weeks back, I got bored of that. 
So here I am, levelling this cool looking dude. Glad I didn't choose Worgen, those things look awful. I've given up on the whole, rush to 85 and gear up as soon as possible because I know Blizzard will punish me by saying "Oh hey guess what now you can DO IT ALL AGAIN for this extra shiny new gear we just added!" 
Fuck that
I'm really enjoying the new content they added from The Shattering patch and onwards. Although it's still all very "WoW" and some quests suffer from that, they can add as many new little novel sections to quests and make you do them in certain ways but it'll always be "Kill those, collect that". 
I'm cutting this short because I'm writing this whilst Dave dances behind the text box and it's distracting the fuck out of me. 
Are you guys playing Cataclysm? has it tempted those of you don't play?

Super Photoshop Procrastinator IV

So I've spent most of today on Photoshop with varying results, I thought I'd share them here.  I've been messing around with photos for my Warcraft guild's website and I designed these: 

My first attempt. 
Obviously to some of Photoshop pros out there (I'm looking at you Buzz) these are pretty docile images, but I have fun doing it. 

This looks like Celldweller album art. 

 My second attempt, Guild Master complained that you couldn't read the words but I like it like that.  

More of a wallpaper than anything 

This took all of 5 minutes I guess. 
But then, My friend whose Tauren Warrior is called "Machete" asked me to think of something for him, so I came up with this. 

And that's what I did today.