I need a new Headset.

Last night me and my raid group were running through Ice Crown Citadel, pwning mobs and bosses with ease but I couldn't communicate with my comrades because my headset was bust. 

 More like Illogitech.
 I've been using this useless, vile contraption since I got my current PC, It's a Logitech ClearChat something-or-other. Certainly not designed for 4 hour raid sessions. I have literally never felt more pain in my ears. 
The foam barely covers razor blades hiding around the speakers so you'll be bleeding after 5 minutes of use. It's also useless because it fucking broke. 
So now I'm in the market for a new one. I have some money to spend, though I don't really want to spend more than around £50 on something I'm not going to be using too much. 

No awful pun here. 
I've been looking at the SteelSeries Siberia V2 that Tested.com's own Will Smith reviewed. It looks pretty god damn comfortable and it's not too expensive on Amazon but and here's where the twist comes in, this is literally all of my headset knowledge, so I'm handing it over to you fine people. 
I want a headset that fits these requirements and I want you guys to help find me one!  
  1. Comfort - Long gaming sessions mean this takes priority.
  2. Sound/Mic Quality - Not too much Bass and not too much "Tin" 
  3. Price - Only looking to spend around £50. Will push to £60 if I must.
  4. Looks - Beggars can't be choosers, so this isn't important. 
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

Call of Duty has become the X-Factor for guys.

 You get all hyped up for a few weeks, the game gets played for a year and the next one hit wonder comes along the year after and you all forget about the last one.  
Now, 90% of this blog isn't adressed to the majority of people reading it because the type of gamer that posts on Giant Bomb isn't the same type of gamer I stereotype as playing Call of Duty. 
In the UK we've had a few phrases kick off with the "Jocks" if you will. One of them is to call guys "LAD" So "If you don't play CoD you're a shitLAD"  That's an example anyway and I have no idea what it means. If you're in the UK, chances are you understand what type of person I'm on about. The "pretty boys"  the ones who listen to Tiny Temper and buy G-Star jeans. You know the type. 
Those are the type of people I'm talking about playing Call of Duty and I'm sick of hearing them on Facebook and all the rest. 
Back in November 2007, I bought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and my gaming changed. It was amazing, my first proper online game. The first one I took seriously. I can't remember my stats but it was 40+ days of play time. That was great. 4 years ago. 
This week the 4th game practically identical to COD4 has been released and these dimwits don't understand gaming so don't realise it's essentially the same game.   
Call of Duty will be released every year with a new gimmick every year and it won't stop being popular, because the most of the people playing it are so brain dead they will sit and play it for 23 hours a day. Stopping only to post statuses on Facebook about their last "sick killz" 


Why do NAT Types even exist?

It's a rhetorical question, I understand what they are. It's just the last 24 hours I've had a ton of difficulty trying to get my Xbox to allow me to join friend's parties. Constantly getting "Can't connect to Xbox Live Party" all night, opening my router firewall didn't help, nor did opening the correct ports for Xbox LIVE. Apparently my NAT Type had gone from Open to Restrictive in a matter of hours. 
This only started after getting the NNXE or as I'm calling it for now "Crashboard"  It's been a nightmare for me. Loading up a game only to find it has an update and waiting what felt like 10 minutes, watching those stupid circles spin around eachother whilst the update screen loaded and then waiting extra for the update to actually apply was not fun. 
Also not liking how flat everything is, I liked the depth of field of the "Old New Xbox Experience" this just feels like a bad Internet TV UI (Looking at you Apple TV) 
Bah, what can I say not impressed so far. I hope they back track and make it look like the old one again. Or make it an option for Non-Kinect users. 
Because fuck Kinect.    


I'm getting married in the morning!

Tomorrow is my big day, We've been planning this since we heard that marriage was available and now me and my fiancé James are getting hitched!  
I'm so excited! I'm sure we'll have many fables to tell after the honeymoon.


So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye. Part 1.

No, this isn't another blog post about why memberships are bad and I'm leaving Giant Bomb. Sorry. This is my story of Vanilla World of Warcraft being erased from history in the next few weeks. 
I decided I wanted to run through vanilla WoW one last time before they fu- changed it all. First of all I chose the class I wanted to play whilst doing this, I decided Paladin as they've been made a lot more fun to level since I last played. Problem was I'm primarily a Horde player and I despise Blood Elves. I refused to make a Blood Elf, so I rolled Human. 
I decided to name him Tychus after playing Starcraft 2 and not wanting a name like "Liteknite" I got three heirloom pieces of gear (For those who don't know what that means, I essentially bought some "Hand me down" gear which scales with level. Peferct for leveling an "Alt") 

Chapter 1 

So here I was, Tychus the level 1 Paladin. All my friends play Horde so this was a lonely existence. I met a man who needed help culling some wolves that were attacking his chapel, I agreed to help as some gold coin was a reward. I could use this to buy new armour or food and drink.  
After killing the wolves I was told to head into a mine and kill some weird looking creatues. They kept telling me I couldn't take their candles but I did anyway. I felt stronger. After a while I travelled to a small town called Goldshire, I noticed its building were on fire and a Horseman was flying through the sky killing people. I took shelter behind a tree whilst this happened, I was too scared to get involved. I later approached the citizens who told me he'd been attacking them for a few days. I decided to take a bed at the Inn there and carry on my adventure. 
I was told by a town guard that a creature called Hogger was terrorizing the locals so me and a few other adventurers set out to hunt down and kill Hogger. We managed this successfully and I went on to visit the area of Westfall to carry on helping people.  
(I'm totally skipping the rest of this because I could write all day)

Chapter 2

 As of writing this I am level 45 now, levelling at steady pace due to the 20% Experience gain from my Heirlooms. I was strolling through Tanaris earlier and got ambushed by Wastelander Rogues. They surprised me pretty good but I managed to beat them. I've met a few people and we often go to dungeons. We explore the whole area and fight some pretty strong foes. I'm getting stronger and I'll get to fight in Outland soon I can feel it.  
 Me exploring Tanaris alone.
 It's hard exploring alone because you often get ambushed by powerful creatures but it will only make me a stronger Paladin. I have Light on my side.   
Tanaris is a hot, dry desert filled with people ready to kill you without notice. I stumbled across a Goblin settlement called Gadgetzan, I spoke to a few inhabitants and they gave me some jobs. If I help them out I'll get some money and even some better equipment, it's been working so far so I guess I'll keep doing this. 

Chapter 3

 I'll be leaving Tanaris soon, it's becoming too easy for me here and people are running out of jobs to give me. I'll continue my journey elsewhere, I've heard people need help in the Searing Gorge. It sounds scary there but I'll give it my best. Here's my current adventure time.  
 Now! With readable Playtime!

I'll carry on my adventure and write more soon. Until then, may the Light guide you as it does me. For the Alliance! 

Is Exclusive DLC really a console seller?

For quite a while now Microsoft has led the market in terms of securing DLC deals with publishers. The likes of Rockstar, Bethesda and Activision are more than happy to take an extra chunk of money from Microsoft for a few months of exclusivity on downloadable content. Whether it be maps for Call of Duty or entirely new story chapters for Grand Theft Auto or Fallout, Microsoft usually snatches them first.

How do they do it? (I'm using Microsoft as an example because I haven't heard Sony or Nintendo doing it as much, if at all) Let's say Microsoft wants all the maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops to be exclusive to the 360 for 6 months. Activision will say "Okay, but we want some money to make up for the lost sales on the PS3 DLC for those 6 months" so Microsoft throws down however much they need to make the deal worth Activision's time. Are Microsoft really going to shift extra consoles by having this exclusive DLC to make it worth the extra money? 

Personally I think the reason Sony doesn't pull these kind of deals is because they think this exclusive-for-a-while DLC approach isn't going to sell enough consoles for it to be worth paying for. 

Fallout 3 for example was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same time but 360 had exclusive DLC packs for a year. By the time those DLC packs came to Playstation you could pick up a "Game of the Year" edition of the game which included said DLC at a discounted price. So is it truly worth it? To Microsoft, Sonyand to us gamers. 


Plz sir can 1 hav sum moar??!!11!one!

I thought I'd write something to soothe the boredom; I have no idea why I spelt the title like that, It's supposed to be ironic. I'm not actually like that. I pr0miz. 
Anyway here goes. 

Super Mother Fucking Meat Boy

 The dude with the top hat is a BASTARD.
Holy Shit. I picked this up about an hour ago and I've had to force myself off it. The game is the perfect balance of crazy hard, beautiful art and awesome music. The little splat noises Meat Boy makes as he runs are great. I'm only into the hospital levels at the moment but I seriously urge you all to pick that game up. Brad's 5 Star review should help sway you too.  
I then decided I couldn't miss out on... 

Costume Quest

I bought this to perfectly compliment Super Meat Boy. When I get annoyed at my constant failure on SMB, I swap to Costume Quest for some cute, hilarious RPG action. This game has a lot of small jokes but they're all pretty funny. I hope Double Fine do something like this but on a larger scale. Also, Casting "Anthem" as the Statue of Liberty and seeing stars, stripes and Abe Lincoln's face fly around the screen is worth 1200MS on it's own.  


What else have I done?

I've been playing a load more WoW since the newest patch, I was in the Beta and it's nice to see they didn't fix any of the underlying issues we all reported for months. It feels great to be paying for a Beta on a Live realm. Haha.  
Also been trying to decide whether to take a step up at work and get a promotion, the hours will be tough but the extra money will be worth it. Although I'll then be on a salary and not hourly rate, not sure how I feel about having a salary!  
I also showed Ryan his Mexican cousin... 
Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce has finally been officially released so I picked that up. I'm not a fan of paying for software but I pay for my music, weird? 
So yeah. That are what I dun. 
Riot out.


So 4.0.1 is out and everyone is complaining. 
Except Death Knights, and Mages. Until soon when Mages get nerfed. 
Doing this for a quest, won't attach to forums, if you read this, stop stalking me. 
The game.


Tesco, pretty girls and an improving standard of life.

I don't really know why I'm blogging this, I guess it's because I've built this persona to my IRL friends that I'm a tough guy who doesn't feel emotions but there's this girl at work who is fucking beautiful. I've had a shit past with girls recently and it's pretty much destroyed my self esteem and I'm now way too shy to talk to her or tell her I think she's so beautiful. I used the word "beautiful" because "hot" or "gorgeous" feels cheesy and girls don't like being called hot. It also doesn't help that I work with the girl so if she took it the wrong way she might be like "lolwhat?" and then work would be fucking awkward... 
I'm cautious because I'm 19 and she's 17 and I'm pretty weird about age, mostly because she's of the age where drinking in fields and house parties is the in thing whereas I'm able to go clubbing to get my drinking fix. Granted I used to do the same thing as her, I think all underage kids end up doing that in the UK (And likely abroad too) I also think -because of the self esteem thing - that I'm not exactly the best she could do. I can be a charmingly arrogant, funny guy and generally I get my fair share of girls but she feels out of my "league". It's also hard to break the barrier of "Hey, I only know you because of work let's be friends!" I don't really know how to approach the situation, if at all? 
Things are on the up from my last blog where I was pretty much ready to commit suicide due to insomnia and all my friends pissing off to University. I'm now on sleeping pills which make me feel trippy.  
Okay, I guess I'm done rambling to myself; I can't do it in Facebook statuses because she'll read and it'll be a bit weird. 
I guess I'll sit here, roll myself a fat J and chill to some music. 


Life just got a lot more boring.

I am of the age in the UK where everyone is off to University. This includes all of my friends. 
What with the current cut backs in the UK because of the ConDem-nation, my dream career in the Police is now pretty much over. There's no chance I'll get in. I also decided a few years back to drop out of college because of said dream and now all I have to my name qualification wise is my GCSE's. Not like that really matters because the only thing you need qualifications for is entry to the next level of education. 
So I'm left in my home town of Worcester, with very little friends left, no real future that is set out and very little money. My life currently consists of WoW and talking to the 2 girls I like, one of whom is currently with another guy, the other is or was my "childhood love" and is currently seeing another guy.