A Subscriber's thoughts on the new age of Giant Bomb.

So with today's release of the "Whiskey Pass" things have changed, some for the better whilst some changes I do not agree with. 
The first thing that needs to be addressed is this apparent "separation of the community" 
I cannot stress enough how much this isn't going to happen. The only way that having a medal under your icon separates you from people who don't have a medal is if you bring it to attention. So don't. It's there for a bit of fun, not bragging rights or competition. People who subbed are still human. 
We also need to realise that people subbed (or didn't) for different reasons, at the end of the day; everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I subbed for a sick T-shirt and to support Giant Bomb.  
What I don't agree with however, is this whole Bombcast bullshit. I feel that the way they worded why it's changing was a lie, if it is honestly so much money to give everyone a free 2 hour (or longer) Bombcast every week, how have they been doing it for so long? I know they said they weren't going to ditch any content from non-paying members and technically they aren't, but cutting the Bombcast and holding it for an extra week isn't saving them any money or bandwidth. It's still the same amount of content, so they still require the same resources. They also claimed it was down to the amount of man hours required to make the Bombcast. Surely it's going to take more time to cut the first hour of audio into something that makes sense? Food for thought. 
So yeah, everything else is great but this Bombcast nonsense leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I hope they change their minds.


Sequel 2: Sequel Harder

 In a world where big name publishers pump out more games than the government pump out bullshit new cutbacks which stop me from getting a proper job, the sequel is king.

Gears of War 3, DJ Hero 2, Rock Band 3, Dragon Age 2 andanything Nintendo produce are just a few sequels in a long line headed our way soon enough. I miss the days where a game would come along, be great and then never be heard of again. Yet now it seems we can’t escape the mentality of “Well, this game sold pretty well, add multiplayer and sell it again”…I’m looking at you BioShock 2.

In fact BioShock is what I’d like to talk about in this post, the recent announcement of BioShock: Infinite had me puzzled; I cannot see why this game is called BioShock. When someone says “BioShock” I think “Rapture” Rapture and “Wow this game handles poorly, but atleast they added multiplayer, right?”

Okay, enough hate on BioShock and back to my point. Having watched the trailer for the new game, the only thing it seems to have in common with the original BioShock is that it has a totally strange alternate city. It seems like it’s milking the BioShock name more than adding something to the game.

Mirrors Edge was a game that EA released in the hopes of bringing more new IP’s into the market, but EA then cut the whole program and refused to carry on with the new IP process. The game received generally positive reviews (I say generally, my stomach didn’t like the game one bit) but they still stopped the idea in it’s tracks, probably to concentrate on releasing more sequels to bigger games.

I mean, as long as they have multiplayer it’s fine though, right?     


What I done...

Just a write up about the last week of myself... 
I've been getting my money's worth from World of Warcraft recently, been working on getting my 80 Hunter (Troll ofcourse) into 251 PvP, it's a struggle because you need Arena points, at least; that's the fastest way. It's either that or farm PvE for Frost Emblems, and that's not happening. Ever. So me and a friend made an Arena Team, jokingly called it "Team Jacob" and decided that we'd sit and lose 10 2v2 matches a week for the 300(?) something Arena Points it gets you. 
Shockingly, we won 2 out of the 10 we just did... We've now played 20 and won 2. It's a terrible record but considering we only started it as a joke it's pretty awesome to us. 

Mah Troll, before all of his PvP stuff. 
So I did that.  
I also took the plunge and bought StarCraft 2. Holy Shit. That game offers so many possibilities and everyone just rushes you as soon as possible, what's the point? 
I wanted to enjoy the tactical sides of things but it just seems like I should be "HOLY SHIT BUILD MORE ROACHES THAN XIZERGZLOLIX SO MY RUSH BEATS HIS". 
Fuck that game. 
I also used to play a lot of Xbox 360, but now I'm more into whoring Honour on my sucky realm than playing anything on Xbox. There is no game I'm looking forward. All of them seem to be sequels. 
Well, with a week off work, all I have to report is that "Reepha" is probably the most hated Troll on Saurfang EU for trolling Trade.

Steam Summer Sale and my growing overdraft!

Yet another sale, yet another "Why did I buy this" feeling. 
So it's summer and Valve have made yet another lovely sale discounting the same games it does every sale. I've bought:  

 I totally don't have the money in the account I use for online buying to even pay for these things but they were too good to miss right? right? 
I've always said I'll only get L4D2 when it's cheap enough to warrant buying it, I bought the first games for a similar price too so HA! joke's on you Valve.  
On a serious note, I recommend you all buy the DEFCON pack, that's a sick game. 

The 1000th post blog (blog post) (post blog)

So this is my 1000th post blog post on Giant Bomb and to commemorate the epic personal achievement I'm going to write some stuff no one cares about! 

World Cup 2010

England are out of the World Cup, I don't like football much but I'd have been more disappointed if we won it to be honest, we English are so used to losing I don't think the country could cope with winning! The team played terrible and deserved a 4-1 defeat, they don't deserve the million pound salary's though. 

What am I doing?

I'm currently playing a lot more of WoW than I was previously, I've been trudging through the 70's for months now and I hit 79 yesterday so I'm a bit more hyped toward hitting 80 before they release Cataclysm and ruin my hard work.  

Stuff I hate...

Being in the UK means we don't get the new Xbox 360 250GB until July 16th apparently so I've pre-ordered one with the intention of selling my 60GB Xbox to my sister. I really don't get where people are getting this "360 Slim" and "Xbox 360 S" from, frankly it makes me cringe when people say it.  

Something else that makes me cringe is "SentUAMessage", a stupid, scripted, not funny show on "Inside Xbox" in the UK which answers the simplest of questions that any idiot could find on the internet with a Google search, the self abbreviated "SUAM"  answers questions like "Will there be a Portal 2"  and "What is Call of Duty: Black Ops" a week after E3, and they do the same not funny "banter" between the two hosts for every answer. I don't think the show in it's format would be so terrible, if it didn't have the two "Emo" hosts with their well kept deliberately slightly messy hair, terrible dress sense and annoying English voices (I'm English and even I hate it.) 
I don't have anything I like currently so that'll do.

I think I found my new meaning in life...

Wiki edits. Yup, it sounds weird but there are those of us who love nothing more than writing what we know, for credit. 
Recently I filled out the Pit page here on Giant Bomb and it's made me want to do more, much more. I wish I had joined earlier when the site was truly new so that I could fill out a lot more games. Although a lot of them still need work as they're a total mess and not in a good Wiki format. 
So here's my new addiction, filling out pages about games. It's as close to Games Journalism as I'm going to get so I may as well go for it and fill out more. Now to add "Wiki Filling" to the list along with "Buying random shit I use one" and "Warcraft" 


This is where Blogs live, get you one!

Hello all, I have recently decided to blog more instead of sticking all my gaming thoughts on Facebook, I'm a sarcastic guy with a good sense of grammar and punctuality (I hope) so here is my new blog, I hope you can take the time to follow me and see if you like what I say!  
Please feel free to give me tips and things I should write about etc. 
Thanks for any support! 
Riot out.


The World According to: A Madman.

   This is not my first blog, this was all sparked from somebody telling me I should write, I egotistically took that challenge and here we are.

Due to my massive lack of imagination and severe case of stubbornness I have named this blog the same as my previous attempts, some would say I'm mad, others would just say weird; whatever.
Anyway I digress, a little about me perhaps? Always good to start off talking about yourself I guess. So I'm Steve, born and raised in Worcester, England. I like nothing more than spending time with those I call my friends and the odd spot of  Longboarding (when the weather is good and when I can be arsed to get up)  and when I can't be arsed to get up I play Vidyagames. Lots of them, from Battlefield to WoW, Mario Kart to Left 4 Dead I play a hell of a lot of games.  
Giant Bomb is like a personal joke to me, I try and explain it and the goings on here to my friends and they just look at me quizzically. I seek sanctuary in the Quick Looks, Endurance Runs and Mailbag videos whilst I struggle to sleep - I have Tinnitus which hampers my sleep - and when I do sleep I often dream of being a Games Journalist and someday moving to Sausalito to work for Giant Bomb. We can all dream right? There's nothing particularly unique about me except my constant sarcasm and Long Boarding hobby. I would like to be able to show some artistic flare and I'm attempting to make G-mod videos but the controls piss me off. (Oh yeah I have NO patience) 
I'm struggling to save money for my future working piss poor hours at Tesco. The money I do get goes on bills in the first week after pay day and I struggle for the rest of the month and I can't drive/ride any motor vehicle as of yet. 
Life is irritatingly average and I hate it. 
More to come soon, it might be slightly more interesting too.


The new Homepage, My views.

So I literally just saw this new homepage after reading about it a few days back, and I have to say I don't like it, it seems too generic.
I liked the old style more with the Dashboard style tabs, and the list below it.


Christmas is horrible for those of us in retail.

I work at Tesco, it seems cliché to me that I work there, I'm not sure why, but I really enjoy the spirit of the place, and plus I get sweet discounts and my mates work there, Some would say it's the perfect job.
Now I'm abit of a scrooge anyway when it comes to christmas, I don't really expect anything and I don't give anything, mainly because I know how commercialised Christmas has become, when I was a kid it seemed much more festive and a little less about money, but maybe that's just me. So imagine my dispair working in a Supermarket over Christmas, it's not so much the influx of shoppers buying Twiglets and Mini Chedders in those stupid tins (Who decided Twiglets were for Christmas?) and a variety of other tat they won't use or eat. It's the Christmas songs that the big wigs at Tesco decide would be great to play from 7am all the way through til 10pm, Every day from December 1st til the 25th.
The problem comes when at the end of a long shift, I settle down to sleep and all I can think of is the bloody songs.
So when you go shopping this Christmas at Tesco or other deluded stores that play those blasted songs all day, spare a thought the brave workers keeping a forced smile, to make you feel welcome in our hell.
Roll on January.