The end of an Era...

Farewell Playstation 3, this world we live in, where size 0 is the new gold sickens me (excuse the indirect pun) There is no need to shrink down the PS3, neither is there need to take away her wonderful shine. Goodnight sweet princess, we hardly knew yee.


"Today was a bad day..."

So I decided to blog here again, I was just having a pretty harsh time last time I posted so I got pissed when it got moderated... Apologies to anyone I was rude to that day too...
The last 9 days, I've been playing a heck of alot of WoW, so much so I've tried out every type of class and decided that Druids are the coolest...
Now I don't care if they're not statistically the best (I couldn't say whether they are or not anyway I r newb) but to me, they are the emalgamation of awesome, not only can I heal, use magics and beat npcs with my stick, but I can ride a mount like any other class AND transform Beastwars style into various forms along the way.
A winning combination I'm sure you will agree, I just wish I had picked a better name than "Dardorn" I'd have liked "Daerdon" come to think of it. Damn.
Now I have an addictive nature as it is, but I really don't care about being hooked to WoW, I could do with something to draw me away from the Poker and Facebook!
And I end with a question... Why is everything so purple in Teldrassil?


Jack of all Trades, Master of... none.

So today I was sat thinking, what have I actually excelled in the last 19 years... and I realised nothing, but I've tried my hand at quite a few things, I just haven't found my niche, my hobby if you will, everything I do seems kinda forced, so I thought I'd mess around on Paint for an hour or so and this is the result:

I know right? I'm not a dab hand with a mouse to be honest so I tried again...

I like how the way I've drawn his hand just makes him look Gay, and by hand I mean foot.
Ahh well, without meaning to shove a pun in your faces, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

I'll be a DJ Hero!

Tonight, at around 9:00 I will be stood in the corner of my friends terraced house, crammed with 25+ people. It's going to be a crazy night.

I'll be in the corner because I'm the DJ. I've never done it before at a party, only messing around in my room.

I don't even have any equipment, except a love for music and a copy of Virtual DJ on my PC.

So, 25+ drunk people, all of my lovely kit (Speakers, a laptop etc) and drink flying everywhere. I must be mad. Not only that but the majority of the people will be passed out on the floor all night.

Suddenly I'm not looking forward to it so much.


"Oh dear, my Knee"

It's 23:39 here in the UK, and I haven't slept for around 46 hours or so. Why? because sleeping is for the old. I am not old. So what do I do at night? I skate.

Whether it's my 80's Variflex Joker deck, or my 46inch Longboard, I love the rush of adrenaline you get carving down hills, onlookers frowing with disbelief as you whiz by.

That's what fascinates me so much about my country, the people. The other day a man pulled up to me when I was boarding and said:
"Oi prick, what's funny?"
"I dunno, what is funny?"
"What do you think you're doing riding that on my road?"
"Who are you? Judge Dredd?"
"I fucking am when I'm in the car"

"Wow" I thought to myself, what a totally useless conversation that was - whilst bombing behind him at 30mph might I add, he soon pulled off the road!
The whole day really brought me back to being 10 again, first board, not really knowing what to do, and too scared to try.

And then this happened...

About an hour and a half ago I was out skating, with my friends in a Tesco carpark, and we decided to have a lap race, first one round the carpark and back takes the win.
The only problem being the Carpark was also occupied by some local hoods, one of which had (presumably) stolen a car and was revving it up, we ignored them as usual and carried on with our race, we got going, trainer to tarmac to board to tarmac to board, pumping faster until we were all going pretty much full pelt downhill slightly, I was slipping behind.

The mug in the car decided to wind me up by pullng out of the junction of the carpark as I got there at full speed in a crouched position, so what next? I was going too fast to stop, too fast to go around, I had to bail...

Any skater or extreme sports lover knows that organising a bail, in the adrenaline of it all, is an amazing accomplishment. Except, because I was crouched, I couldn't stop myself falling in anyway, so I kind of barrel rolled in the air (sideways) past this car, pieces of clothing flying off my as I went and I remember thinking "NO I AM NOT HITTING THE ROAD!" So, adrenaline still pumping, I managed to stomp a foot down which made me bounce into a neighbouring lavender bush. Wow. All of that happened in about 15 seconds, it's amazing what the human brain can do.

All I can say is, damn I love to skate.