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You guys are fucking crazy.

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I shat on a car once.

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Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Ryan and Patrick. That's my perfect Five Guys burger.

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Are you a FIFA Ultimate Team hacker?

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They have the bandwidth to do it else they wouldn't have offered the option. They certainly have a lot more than I do, seeding all the GB content would suck my internet dry. Also, a lot of these videos are big files that would need loads of seeders to download reliably. No guaranteed seeders means no guaranteed download. Not technically viable.

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@mortface: Downloading videos is a feature of the Premium membership.

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@Jaytow said:

@N7: So because you feel satisfaction from both killing something and cleaning the dishes, the reasons that you are feeling satisfaction must be the same? You are stupid. I never said you get the same satisfaction, I am talking about where the satisfaction comes from and why.

As he said, the satisfaction comes from "the fulfilment of one's expectations"

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There was also one with a headset on but I am guessing that is old too.

But hey, I am sure that you are bigger than Ronnie Coleman now and can deadlift 500kg.

Probably not but I could beat the shit out of your sorry ass.

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@Jaytow said:

@N7: @ZeForgotten:

If you honestly think that the satisfaction you get from cleaning your house comes from the same place as the satisfaction you get from "killing something" then you are an idiot.

It's not about it being the "same" as you keep wrongly putting it. It's about the feeling of satisfaction in general. Stop being such a fucking moron and learn how words work.

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Satisfaction leads to masculinity.

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@SuperSambo said:

@RiotBananas said:

@SuperSambo said:

There is something funny about a weedy kid wanting to go shoot rabbits for satisfaction.

There is something funny about you thinking you know I'm a "weedy kid"

Well according to the pictures you have on this site of yourself, you are.

The one photo of "me" on this site is of a the bottom half of my head and a Whiskey Media T-Shirt. It's also like... 2 years old? Way to go bro. I remember you, you were always a moronic asshole.