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Meet Meat Boy 0

Super Meat Boy hates you. It literally hates you. The game punishes you for purchasing it and that's actually a good thing. Super Meat Boy is a game that pushes you to the very edge of your sanity but you'll enjoy the torture. The game is being called "Masocore" by it's fans and developers.Super Meat Boy is a run and jump game following the likes of N+ and I Wanna Be The Guy. You play as Meat Boy for the main part, with the emphasis of the 200 something levels being on saving the love interest B...

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Battlefield 19PHWOARTY3 0

See what I did there? Considering GB themselves haven't written a review, I'll do it myself,Battlefield 1943 is considered the successor to BF 1942, but really it is alot closer to Battlefield Bad Company, they use the same engine and have alot of similarities - recycled sound effects etc -Now anyone who has played this game so far will have realised there has been alot of issues with joining games/friends, apparently due to such "high demand" for this game, whether this is an over zealous state...

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