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I made a Van Helsing, was pretty tough...

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Holy crap these are weird games.

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Is it ok if i consider drew the leonard maltin of game criticism?

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Game seems to be suffering a bit from current gen woes; limited content and scope in exchange for high graphics fidelity. Budgets are just becoming too big it seems. Regardless, it obviously didn't get hit nearly as hard with this as destiny, infamous, etc. as it still is a mostly fine game. I probably won't ever get as deep as most will so it's mostky alright by me.

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I probably really need to try to get a grasp on the gun mechanic but for me at least it feels tough enough staying alive. Ive been mostly spamming hits desperately with the hunters axe, using the L2 sweep for crowd control. Granted im not far at all; in honesty ive mostly been stuck at the first big bonfire area with the huge gathering and only just managed to get past it. It always seems like i hit an initial hump with these games so hopefully im getting better.

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Big thanks to all the staff for their hard work. I'm hoping this gets more under control for your sanity's sake. :)

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@thundearslash: im really curious why this sort of thing hasnt been implemented. Is it considered punishing new users? Hell i have a mountain of oh so insightful posts and haven't made a single thread. I don't want to seem unwelcoming, but i think new users can deal with an initial lock on making new threads and a limit on posts.

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Give dan a choice of ingredients, 30 mins, and have the rest of the crew judge/wax horror at his creations.

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@thunderslash: blizzard did sue valve, they just ended up settling.