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@hunter5024 said:
Also I love Davos (Captain Beard), and I feel like I'm the only person, because my friends all think he's boring as shit. Can someone tell me if I'm alone or not?

Onion Knight rocks duder. You are not alone.

totally, guy's loyal as fuck.

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@video_game_king: hear fucking hear.

i'd much rather completely new blood/fresh new personality

but what may REALLY happen is some more behind the scenes guys so vinny/drew/alexis are more free to be on camera.

anyway fuck speculation.

e: me fail english

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i've been having a ball with my Vita so far. i know gameplay > graphics and i love my 3ds to death but maaaan aren't some of the games on this screen purdy (Super Stardust Delta *droolz* )

(Persona 4's alright i guess)

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yeah that scene was still fucked in the books but not as disgustingly fucked as that. don't do that to jaime please.

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who wouldnt like a hot bangah in da mouf?

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Yes, now is the time to buy a vita because it's starting to pick up some steam (thanks to the popularity of the ps4 and a bunch of great indie releases) and the OLED version is going to be unattainable at some point, because sony isn't making them anymore. And that's definitely the model you want to have.

the Blands2 bundle is the slim, but it has some stuff that (more?) than makes up for the OLED it seems.

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ps vita chock full of the games i desire, me likey...

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too many core gamerz up in this mug

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We can't decide for you; look at the games, the price, the prospective, and decide for yourself.

sure we can



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this is a great screen but i really have no frame of reference having not seen the LCD in action.

the system really isn't that huge in its original form too. like a slightly chunkier PSP-2000.

at what point in persona 4 do i stop just hitting X to proceed? (i'm sorta kidding, i do like the game...)