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I had two razer products that worked just fine for me; by that logic to me they're a perfect company with a spotless track record. Kinda reminids me of most people's thoughts on hard drive brands.

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I love me some dairy queen. Eleven.

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Full Disclosure: Austin's a sharp cookie.

I'm not sure I want that in my mouth.

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brad could still be playing it right now if he didn't exit!

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i should read the mahn-jah someday. as far as the movies go nausicaa definitely, but i have a better appreciation for akira as of late.

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no shame if you want to put it off indefinitely and you shouldn't have to force yourself to play it if it brings up bad memories, but hopefully you can come back around to it eventually and play it in rememberance of him. take care and keep strong regardless. :)

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Btw OP it sounds like you're pretty much calling it shady for the game to not have the community it should. Do you think they didn't do a good enough job promoting the game and thus the onus is on them or something? I think you can basically chalk this up to the diminishing returns of the series finally catching up to it. And like it's been said there'd be a real stink if they didn't make the dlc available, even with a dwindling community able to play it. Just sounds like everyone's too quick nowadays to make some anti-consummerist conspiracy mountains out ot molehills.

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@l4wd0g: you were literally the only one who felt this way until this thread was made.

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