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@twinsun: i could understand a little disappointment maybe, but multiple people here are claiming biggest disappointment in a year with watchdogs and destiny. Feels like either their expectations are stratospheric, or all this cynicism is starting to bleed through to places it shouldn't be. Just seems like a little perspective is in order. But people are entitled to their (possibly misguided) opinions.

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Really, this is some of you guys' biggest dissapointment of the year? You must either be extremely jaded or not have seen/played or read/heard about much of anything this year.

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only game i finished this year, truth be told. liked the story and atmosphere, gorgeous visuals/design, pretty mind-blowing combat system that i hope other games take and run with in some way or another, and of course an amazing soundtrack. so no i haven't forgotten. :)

also no one does trailers like Supergiant. i hope it did well for them.

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@spraynardtatum: you rather they did nothing to help the situation while they *gasp!* also work at the same time to fix MCC's remaining issues? Good on them for providing a mea culpa that i honestly don't think they were required to do. Still think people blew this waaay out of proportion and are being a bit entitled about the whole situation. But hey, gamers and the internet in 2014.

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Posting from my phone but all comments/topics just disappeared.

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I want to dedicate myself to this and finish it, but it always feels like im barely inching forward (and i'm still in the hinterlands :( ). Meanwhile i have a coworker just blowing through it and i keep thinking where does he have all this time??

Gonna sit down with it for a few hours tonight if i can manage. It's annoying feeling shamed by a game.

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@cornbredx: the person's venting, obviously. Doesn't mean they don't care about their job or the kids they work with.

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should have been one movie to stand alongside the LOTR trilogy, but now it feels way too thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.

my roomates seem to really love them though.

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also i still think we're exaggerating about the whole "year of busted ass games." the MCC campaigns ran fine (for me at least) and the MP stuff is unfortunate but it looks to be mostly corrected now. and i only have ancillary knowledge of the AC:U and Driveclub eff-ups but there's plenty of people who were happy with both and said there were little or no issues. besides those three maybe there's Watchdogs and Destiny, but those had more core design issues; the games played fine technically.