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@shinmaru007: I'm not sure when I started un-ironically enjoying them either.

I was especially unprepared for "total anni-YAH-lation," which was the hardest I've laughed in a while.

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@ajamafalous: They film Superstars before Raw and Main Event before Smackdown.

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I didn't see it posted on here yet, but on Main Even Rollins confirmed a traditional MiTB match with him as the first entrant.

I feel like BNB needs to win that match (probably not, but still), it just writes itself for when he would cash in.

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@shotgunlincoln: Yeah, I've had a hard time wrapping my brain around that. However, what I got from Hero describing it after the fact his release seemed to stem from creative saying "we've got nothing for you" but respected him enough to let him go back on the indy circuit so he wasn't just aimlessly sitting around in Florida. He also said that once they did have something for him he'd always be welcome back, even if that is just a generic excuse on WWE's part.

He did (unsurprisingly) have a few really good matches while he was in Full Sail, though. His match with William Regal is actually what got me to start watching NXT.

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Hopefully if this Ryckert news is true it leads to slightly more frequent episodes of the Powerbombcast. Not too frequently, but enough that it would hopefully open it up to some more guests. I'd still really like to hear how Brandon Stroud would mesh with the group on at least one episode.

And the current rumored SummerSlam card looks something like this:


-Bryan vs Wyatt II for the big title.

-Triple H vs Roman Reigns (possibly to re-form the Shield if they do end up splitting at Payback)

-Lesnar vs Cesaro

-Cena vs (heel) Sheamus

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Main Event was pretty good tonight.

More Alicia Fox greatness, and Cesaro and Sheamus possibly starting a feud in a match by stopping just short of tearing each others' arms off and beating each other with them.

Here's the shortened version of the Fox stuff, but the full segment is worth seeking out for Emma being in a segment with no Santino in sight and getting cheers.

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Another example of how great John Cena the person is.

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I feel like to make Lesnar seem like a legitimate threat to the streak he needs to counter a chokeslam into a Kimura and kayfabe snap Taker's arm.

This could create a really interesting dynamic of Taker having to resort to his paranormal lightning bolt to the ringpost stuff or at least create a little bit of actual tension.

Or it could be the worst thing ever. Either way I'd love it.

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Guys. GUYS Steve Blackman's got his own show! As a legit(?) bounty hunter!


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It seems to be working again without issue, at least for me.