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EA still showing they are just the evilest studio of them all.

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Is it bad that I just don't care about these games and just want another Sam & Max or Tales of Monkey Island?

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Don't give a crap about the XBone version of the game, until it out on the PC or PS4 it vaporware

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Maybe you ARE Jack the Ripper in this?

But honestly hope they took those complaints about Unity and make the new main character a female.

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From the sounds of it, the issue might been related to GAMES in the UK having exclusive access, which caused this mess to start.

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Bet next year Ubi-Soft will go "PC sales were low due to piracy so we are cutting PC releases from all our games".

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Have fun going out of business Ubishit.

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Speaking of Heavy Rain's "Press X for Jason", there was this hilarious bug someone managed to trigger during the ending 'final fight' by spamming the X button to yell for the other son. Not embending it since it spoils the killer for a four year old game.


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While I want to play them, I just wait on the Steam release instead.

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Downside of course is using Origin.