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Downside of course is using Origin.

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Actual photo of Notch.

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And Shulk just got confirmed today...and he looks just like the leak version too!

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I know one thing, I won't buy this until it hits $5 as a 'thank you' for waiting a few extra months to Square.

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Cue next year "GotY Edition" or PC and PS4 after it flops on the Xbone.

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The imprisoning fate is really cruel, as he gets turned into a mute raven.

Also the general census on the ending is either Faith swapped places with the Little Mermaid, or it was Nerissa disguised as Faith in the first episode, who was setting up you finding her head, as Faith was already dead at this point.

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Another fun anti-piracy was in the original Arkham Asylum, where the grappling hook wouldn't catch on certain objects, so anyone who was complaining they couldn't get pass a certain area were caught red handed as pirates.

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While I would say this is too late to save, at the same time I been playing Diablo 3 which recently got a big patch that overhaul the game to be great now. At least this leaves room for modders to really let this game possibly get better.

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Glad he leaving since all I heard he was doing now at Konami was programming shovelwares the company puts out.

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I been downloading the subscriber high quality videos today, but I noticed 9/10 of them are 640 x 360, while the rest are 1280 x 720. I generally would prefer the 1280 x 720 ones, but downloading the "HD" version of one the videos that was 360P would give me a 720P resolution, but the file size is double the 720P "High Quality" video.

A example is Brad's Bradly May Cry series of videos, Video 2 - 6 high quality is in 720 if downloaded, but video 1 is 360P instead. Downloading the HD version of Video 1 is now the same resolution as the ohter five videos, but double the file size of a near same time Video 2. Looking at the file downloads for the two videos shows Video 2 - 6 are "1800" while Video 1 is "1500", where HD is "3500". There is more subscriber videos that have this issue, which is a shame as I rather have the 720 copies, but not have the HD version that are way too big in size.