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I'll preface this with I'm a Chinese American with relatives in China, for you know, credibility.

The gaming culture there is wildly different from Western gaming culture. There are almost no console players in China with an almost non-existent market for it. Most of it revolves around Internet cafes and PC gaming.

There's also the question of language, and learning Japanese is far easier than Chinese. But if you do learn Chinese, Japanese will come a lot easier because of character meaning similarities.

My recommendation would be Japan first, and then China. If you have any additional questions, PM me!

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Thanks guys! I'll go back and recheck everything

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Hey everyone, so I've been trying to keep away from puzzle hints as long as possible but I'm at a point where I am stuck and unsure of what to do.

Currently I have 20 cubes, one of which is an anticube. I've scoured the map for the cube and cubit symbols but failing to find any. Am I at the point in the game where I have to start doing crazy deciphering or am I missing something simple to reaching the 32 cubes necessary?

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it =)

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hello fellow star trek players! may i be invited to the Lobsters once again? I'm Crystal@risingsunset7890

Greatly appreciate it!

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Ah, I kindly thank you all for your answers. Now I go unkindly shout and shake my fists at something microsoft branded.

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I've recently got a 360 (a bit late to the party...) and I've attached a USB external harddrive sized at 500GB. However after i connect and configure it through the xbox menu i only get 16GB out of it. 
I've read that the harddrive has to be formatted to FAT32, which i've tried but i still only get 16GB out of it. 
So for anyone that has an external HDD attached, if you have any advice or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

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im wondering if you can use a fightstick for this game then...

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risingsunset789, US 
this group sounds awesome, i look forward to playing with more people!

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this post is so excellent. and so is the sale. good job OP! me and my friend just too advantage of this =)

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Yes....I've been there for things other then tourism. I've lived there, most of my family is still in China. I'm sorry that you have so much against that country because it seems you just like take only the worsts parts of it, embellish it and bring it up. That is not to say there hasn't been a history with controversies, but look in the past of any nation and you'll find the same route of progress being made. And everyone that speaks out against the government gets killed? Reading a bit too much sensationalist journalism?
Anyways back on topic from a gaming perspective, neither Microsoft nor the gamers in China are missing out on much here. If it is true that the 360 itself is banned well, banning the Kinect is only logical. That said there are few console gamers, fewer still interested in these motion games, and even fewer that care about missing out on such a product. 
PSP, DS, PC, and cell phone games dominate the market. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe S. Korea is much the same?