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I wonder if it's going to have another screwed-if-you're-a-hacker boss at the end.

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With ME2 being a let down to me (that's right, I said it) and now this co-op BS, I'm not particularly excited about this game. I suppose I'll pick it at some point to finish the story, but my enthusiasm in this franchise has waned considerably. Bioware is great at creating IP, but kinda lousy at continuing it. I'm looking at you, Dragon Age.

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@heavyplay said:

Multi player achievements :(

This. FML.
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Do not want.

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Rifling Through Luggage : The Movie.

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C'mon Blizzard, Xbox already.

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i never have trouble getting new release gamefly games, you just gotta know how to play the gamefly game

If it was a quality service, customers wouldn't have to learn how to game the system just to get it to work as advertised. Gamefly's model is broken, and hopefully some competition will prompt them to improve it.

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@sopranosfan said:

if I removed all but the top 3-5 I would end up not getting a game for a month.

That was my experience with Gamefly as well, and thus I dropped them a while ago. Good they'll have competition, but I've already dropped Netflix too. Don't miss either one of them.

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For the elevator waiting, I just hacked the turret and it mowed them all down. Used that tactic throughout the entire game -- hack the robots and turrets and have them do the dirty work. Now that I'm starting my no-kill play through, I'll have to find a new strategy.  For the boss fights on normal difficultly, I used the same tactic every time -- lob a frag grenade to stun them, the lay into them with the combat rifle. Two rounds of this took them out every time.
I still don't know how I'm going to get through the long corridor of zombies near the end without mowing them all down. Suggestions?

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@Shady said:
I wonder if they'll release Ultima IX for free.  I really hope they don't do that.
Perish the thought. What a horrible game to end the series with. Hands down the buggiest game I've ever played.