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For me it's primarily Folk and Viking Metal, with heavy doses of Death and Black Metal:

  • Folk Metal: Eluveitie, Heol Telwen, Arkona, Korpiklaani, Aes Dana, Finntroll
  • Viking Metal: Finsterforst, Svartsot, Black Messiah, Ensiferum, Heidevolk, Hordak, Kromlek
  • Death Metal: Insomnium, Kalmah, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Eternal Tears of Sorrow
  • Black Metal: Catamenia, Forest of Fog, Forefather, Grendel, Lost Life, Ashen Light


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That's odd. Human concept shows up in -3057 games.

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Some of those Killzone 2 screens were linked to AOE2 for some reason. I disassociated them.

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Fixed. Thanks, brukaoru.

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Fixed. Thanks. =)

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Same happens for me -- Firefox 3.

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I hope no one releases a game caled "The". =)

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If the game you are looking for is not showing up in the auto-search list, click the magnifying glass icon next to the search box and it will do a full search and return the results. I found N+ in two clicks, for example. The problem is when using search boxes other than the one in the upper right -- like when linking pages, or searching for galleries on other pages for an image -- because they don't have a magnifying glass icon. I've seen posted in this forum that they are aware of the problem and havea fix planned.

I've also noticed that the auto-search sometimes doesn't like the word "the", and even "on" or "this". Often that world will seem to throw off the search, so I leave them out.