Best Classic RPGs

Being an aficionado of RPGs, there are many classics and even new releases that deserve being explicitly called out. Since I cut my RPG teeth starting with the Commodore 64 and early PC days, there will be a distinct lack of JRPGs here. They just don't really appeal to me, and don't fit what I call "old school" RPGs. And while there are many newer games with RPG elemens, like Mass Effect, they do not fit this category either. This list is reserved for the old school style Western RPGs.

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Morrowind, Baldur's Gate (I wasn't as big a fan of the sequel, I guess.  I like that you can roam in BG I), UW II, Fallout were all ones I liked a lot that are on this list.  
I haven't heard much about some of these, and I hadn't heard of Wish at all.  What's cool is a good chunk of these are for sale now in some retro places.

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Unfortunately, Wish never made it out of beta. It would have been a great MMORPG.

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@risseless: I read your notes.  What do you think it would have offered to the MMO formula that would have been interesting or different?  I tried to come up with a basic formula for a science fiction MMO as a kind of thought experiment, and I ran into some interesting challenges based on what people expect as opposed to what actually might work.
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Surely you played Wasteland if you have the Bard's Tale series up there!  You list Pools of Radiance, which I'm sure you intend to represent the entire "Gold Box" lineup.  Of those I remember Death Knights of Krynn most fondly.

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@Darviathar:  This list is of the games that I played, and alas I did not hear of some great games when growing up. Easy to miss them in rural Texas. Pool of Radiance was the only gold box game I played, unfortunately. And I never even heard of Wasteland until much much later.
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Great list. This will be very helpful to me since I am looking to go back older "CRPGs" once I finish DA:O. I must say I am surprised that Planescape isn't on here considering all of the that has been heaped upon it.

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@zAMERICANLIONz:   This list is limited to the games I actually played, thus why Planescape isn't there. I did play it a little, but not enough to remember it really, and I certainly didn't come close to finishing it. I do remember it was pretty good.