Favorite Female Characters

There are numerous head-turning female characters in video games these days, but a select few have made more of an impression on me than shapely pixels.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I liked Tali in part because she was complex.  She wasn't exactly a perfect person, she had real hatred for the Geth and was rather unmoved by Legion's situation.  To me that made her innocence make more sense than her just being twee; she'd lived a pretty sheltered life up until she started exploring the universe, and all she'd known was fighting the Geth.  Made it make sense why she was part of the Dirty Dozen squad despite many of the others being a lot overtly darker characters.

Posted by risseless

I agree with all of that. But dude, those HIPS! Wow! =)

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@risseless: Yes, her hips are nice.  If you want to let me see you've replied to me, it's best if you hit the reply thing on my part of the reply, otherwise I may never know.  I just happened to glance at my activity page and saw you'd commented on some of the things I'd commented on.
Posted by risseless
@ahoodedfigure: Yea, sorry. I've doing targeted hit & run responses since I'm supposed to be working. =P
Posted by Innosin

Miranda has an Aussie accent, not British :)

Posted by Dustpan

I don't think Bonnie was ever a outlaw.

Posted by risseless
@JustTheDoctor:  I didn't say she was an outlaw. I said she was the perfect match for an ex-outlaw.