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I recently got the Ultimate Rapture edition of BioShock but havent played it yet because of my addiction to Fifa 13. Anyways, is Infinite tied any way to teh stories of the first two, or is it essentially an entirely new story ala the FF series?

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So I passed up on the first 2 games and am really interested in 3 for some reason. Wheres the best place to read up on the story? Also how long are the first two games?

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Anyone with a Conference Call or Bee they would be willing to dupe me? Ive been farming for these SOBs for 8 hours or so and nothing. Im 34 with a wife and 3 kids and dont have time to fight the same damn bosses over and over lol. Wife was making fun of me this morning, telling me its just a game, your wasting your time, Im beginning to believe her. Please have pity on me. Im on 360 BTW.

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I figured so much. Oh well, I really didnt need another reason to keep playing the game, I love the damn thing.

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Im almost finished with TVHM going through mainly the story missions so that I could go back and get the side quest rewards at level 50. However, I recently heard that if you already accepted a quest before reaching lvl 50 that the reward will stay locked at the lvl you accepted the quest in. So since Ive accepted most of the quests I basically screwed my chances of getting lvl 50 rewards right? Is there a way to delete your TVHM playthrough and start a new one, or am I screwed?

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How do you start 2.5? IS it similar to TVHM where you can select 2.5 from the menu, or does it overwrite you previous TVHM playthrough?

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Dont know if this hs been adressed yet or not, but is anyone interested in doing this for the West Coasters? Same night, just starting a bit later?

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Sorry to the guys this morning for not having a mic. MY headses batteries died and didnt have replacments. Got my butt kicked anyway so all you would have heard was me screaming and cussing at the TV. Anyways looking forward to playing with you all again.

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Just got the game last night. Would love to be in the club if theres room left. Thanks.

Gamertag = L RiteHandLuv L

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Been looking to play with others, send me a FR on Live. Hate playing with randoms running around stealing all the weapons etc. Ive got a level 44 Siren and a level 8 Commando.

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