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Here's the thing with #GamerGate...its already been spoiled. I'll take whoever's word it was that said it started with good intentions to do with ethics in gaming journalism, whatever. But, at this point it has become so blurred and so associated with sexism, threats of violence and general creepiness that it is probably best anyone who had those initial 'good intentions' move away from the movement. Brand is everything; this brand has nothing but bad vibes associated with it.

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Oh sweet Jesus, praise his name. I am so glad the Hound is still with us! Him disappearing would be my Red Wedding.

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You're not about to ask me to sign a petition, are you?

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After listening to some phone calls from '05-'06 Hotspot, and hearing some of the questions people ask at PAX, I really don't want to listen to that on the bombcast. At least, not until people learn to ask a question, not a tell a 15 minute story with "...what do you think?" attached.

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Goddamn I loved this game. I remember feeling absolutely exhausted and reacting just like Max did at one stage...I think it was near the end when one of the bad guys escapes and Max punches the wall shouting "Goddammit!"...pretty much punched my keyboard simultaneously because I just felt so physically drained...first and possibly last game to ever do that.

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That Elvis Presley is ruining the moral fabric of our society. He's a detriment to good values everywhere and corrupting our youth.

Good lord, you all sound like the 1950s. It's the same argument over and over; rock & roll, psychedelic, grunge. You don't like her music, fine. You don't like her performance, all good. You don't like her, lovely. Just don't hold some kind of moral highground over her, and decide she has daddy-issues, is a slut or has some kind of problem. Have none of you ever been to a club? People dress that way; I have friends who go to twerking classes and enjoy it. She's having fun, good for her.

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Don't steal anything.