Darksiders - Good games are hard to come by

I don't know why I waited this long to grab Darksiders. I saw the reviews, people told me about it, but I just didn't get it. Well today I blindfolded myself and got it. Been playing it for 6 hours straight. It just never wants you to stop playing and just keeps on pulling you in. Many people have compared it to Zelda games, but to be frank, it's a completely different experience, as they said in Cracked.com, War will make mincemeat of Link, bar-be-que it, and feed it to Epona!
I hope the game delivers even after the beginning part as some games don't. These kind of quality game are hard to come by nowadays, I'm so glad that I finally got my hands on it!


Guess what I found at the local game shop?

YES!!! :D STREET FIGHTER IV!! I don't know how they did it, but It's been on sale where I live (in Sultanate of Oman) since 2 days!! I played it already and it's just great!

First impressions. It's a bit slower as compared to SFII HDR, but its sweet :D

I am doing the optional install to HD for faster loading times I guess. wow! Can;t believe it. Oh and they have Killzone 2 and FEAR 2 also.


Nightmare!! Can't download any Demo! error 80029563!

Well, life sucks at present. While everyone else is enjoying Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 demos, I'm stuck and can't download them because of the stupid error which is 80029563. No one is exactly sure what this error is, maybe my ISP, my router's ports, or PSN being too busy, I just know it sucks not to be able to download any demos!

I can download themes, wallpapers, and trailers with no problems at all! The problem is with downloading demos. I tried to download each and every demo available on PSN and the same error showed up.

I can play all my multiplayer games online, which are GT5P, MGO, etc. Just can't DOWNLOAD!!

Anyone else having these problems?


An update on "my" gaming life

Games are fun! Wow! I'm going to be 24 tomorrow and still remain a boy whole loves video games. How can I not love them? VG's were a part of my growing up! Most people read books or magazines to try to fall asleep, I get the DS or the PSP to fall asleep! Games, I think, are an escape from reality to a sanctuary of happiness, murder without guilt, running traffic offences, and doing whatever the hell you want! (GTA). But even though I love video games, it's just sad to not be able to get into them as much as I did before. First I thought the capitalists have ruined the whole gaming franchise but actually it wasn't them, things have advanced and I felt left out for a while that's why I was thinking that. The earlier games like Super Mario on the NES, I used to know every single thing in it, every single tune it used to play, every single jump!

Now starting my MBA, I don't think I will get as much time into games as I did last year, it will be very tough but I have to carry on the gamer inside me! I think the difference from before would be that before I used to get every game which came out, had a HUGE library of games mainly for the PSOne and Xbox, but now I just get the popular games. I think this will get down to me only getting the popular sequels which I can trust to be worth the time spent on them. It's sure sad to know I wouldn't be able to play as much as talk about the games, but still the thought of getting to touch the controller and lose track of time while playing puts a smile on my face (and thoughts).


Street Fighter IV, is it worth the wait?

I've been waiting for this game ever since I heard rumors of it being developed. I don't have access to arcades where I live so I haven't seen or experienced it like many others. I am a little concerned though, sometimes I feel it's out of the box fabulously done game but sometimes thinking about the graphics I get reminded of EX-series! I know the game play is not so like the EX series but still there are doubts.

I am very happy with the release of SF II HD Remix. That basically satisfied my Street Fighter need on the PS3. I don't think it will be worth getting IV for $60 like I've been planning. I think I will wait till I can get a used copy for less because right now Capcom has delivered HD Remix which will keep my fighting need occupied for a while. I am really looking forward to Tekken 6 though!


You guys should hire the 1up laid off staff

As the title of this blog says!  Me and a million more people were so disappointed by 1up.com being taken over and all the talent being laid off! I think Giantbomb.com should hire those people and become the Ultimatebomb!!

I really feel sad about everything what happened to 1up.com, I mean I used to visit that site about 5 times a day! Ofcourse also am used to visiting Giantbomb nonetheless. You guys should join forces. I really liked 1up Show, now it's gone, I liked EGM and now it's gone. The Street Fighter IV cover story is gone. Everything is ruined because of some corporate mess ups, people in suits thinking they know better about games than gamers themselves!

I hope the guys find a good place to continue their great work!