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I don't know why I waited this long to grab Darksiders. I saw the reviews, people told me about it, but I just didn't get it. Well today I blindfolded myself and got it. Been playing it for 6 hours straight. It just never wants you to stop playing and just keeps on pulling you in. Many people have compared it to Zelda games, but to be frank, it's a completely different experience, as they said in Cracked.com, War will make mincemeat of Link, bar-be-que it, and feed it to Epona!
I hope the game delivers even after the beginning part as some games don't. These kind of quality game are hard to come by nowadays, I'm so glad that I finally got my hands on it!

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Darksiders. period

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I hope they fix the movements. The whole series except the latest one had problems with moving the prince.

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I didn't get the code :(

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its releasing on 27th feb, correct? so it's still 17 feb.. 10 more days.

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ok ppl, just wait 10 hours. I will show u guys. not lying.

i will take a video of unboxing, first time having the game in the ps3, and playing it.
just for proving me i will go and purchase it.

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^ na man, am not greedy

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PS3 gamertag - disectingthud

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The worst thing is, with not much people playing SFIV, there's not many people out there on multiplayer, the encounters with people is so rare I have to literally wait for 10 or more minutes for someone to come and join!! Guess that will be fixed when the game is officially released!

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People can play with their unlocked characters on network play with no problems. If you have unlocked a character, you can play with them.