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As you said, its still fun, but it does feel kind of tired and old hat. They've not really done anything drastically new with Worms for a long long time, and a few comedy weapons aside it feels pretty much like the first one did 15 years ago. My only reasons for owning it are 1. given a code by Team17 to review it and 2. Worms Armageddon doesn't seem to work on my system, even with the Vista patch.

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 It's sometimes suprising to look back at how popular a series used to be when in a more modern age it meets with little fanfare or hype upon a new instalment being released. The Ridge Racer series is just one of those series, and when the fanbase was at its highest Namco decided to take on the career (and simulation) focused Gran Turismo by applying a career mode to its more balls to the wall style racing game.

And for what its worth, it all worked out. Ridge Racer Type 4 was one of the finest racing games on the console, it was also amongst my favourites. The game featured around 600 cars (although only around 40 different variants), 2 fictional manufacturers and 4 fictional racing teams based upon different videogames from Namco's gaming history. The career was a pretty simple affair. A series of 8 races on different courses split into different difficulties. As the difficulty level was risen, the circuits became twistier, the distance between cars longer and the overall speed of the game much faster. Although that was the only way in which the game became difficult, the opponent cars never had the AI to be able to race you, so it was mostly down to just how fast you could drive which ever cars you were unlocking and racing in. As your season long career progressed with a specific team a story panned out revolving around that teams boss, winning the final race provided a news report that filled in the conclusion of the story.

At the time, no one had really done anything like this in regards to a career mode, and whilst it was hardly different in reality to any other racing games career mode it gave you a feeling of being part of a team rather than just racing in a vehicle featuring an pretty (or sometimes not, obviously) livery. The actual driving was typical Ridge Racer, accelerate until the last possible moment before sending the car into a drift around the corner and despite the fact there was now no countdown, arcade game style clock, due to the lack of competetiveness in the AI controlled cars you are still effectively racing against the clock.

Graphically at the time it was this or Polyphony's racer. Nothing else came close, the cars were shiny, the city scapes were stunning and everything looked stunning, I've always held that this game was better looking overall than Gran Turismo. In comparison the graphics were less blocky and the game had so much more style and was infinetely less sterile than its more "realistic" competitor. Obviously now it looks dated, but its still a nice looking game with cool stylistic choices like the red streams that come off the rear lights of your car on the night circuits and the touches of lense glare on others. I also think that now, thanks to the more "arcade" styling of Ridge Racer Type 4's handling, it holds up to modern standards of gameplay than pretty much every other racing game on the PlayStation and only really has something like SEGA Rally that holds up better overall as a videogame nowdays.

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A few of mine

I've got more hanging about iirc. All the Fanatec ones were for a competition to win a Steering Wheel, I won the runners up prize thanks to the Focus which got me a Wheel Stand (I still have no Wheel lol).
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Thats generally how real world racing works though. The more powerful the cars and prestigious the event the more laps and more races you have to partake in. It can get a little tiring at times, but I think its handled much better than in Forza 2.

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@McSmunions said:
" like another poster, i have no idea what you're talking about but it sounds interesting, i think i might just have to watch a race now. so what exactly is the rule? you can't give team orders for another team mate to pass you? "
Its basically "A team cannot give orders to their drivers that will effect the outcome of a race" which is basically don't instruct your drivers to let one pass the other on purpose.
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@Supermarius said:
" @ShaneDev said:
" I thought they always had to let the bigger teams away this shit because if they dont then they leave and the F1 loses popularity. On the BBC all they seem to talk about is how much the sport needs the popular drivers and teams, I wish Louis Hamilton would fuck off though. I am not to up on the rules of the sport but seems dickish to cheat. "
This seems like some weird European sports thing. The commentators during the world cup would also talk about how certain star players were allowed to score while moderately offsides because people want to see the big names perform. To a US sports fan that seems like insanity. Normally we want to see anyone who cheats get annihilated for it. "
In regards to F1 its an odd relationship. F1 is Ferrari to so so many people, and Ferrari need F1 as their marketing tool. They enter into other motorsport competitions but F1 has always been the most important thing to them, its why Enzo set up the company after all. Its due to this that the FIA are always scared to punish Ferrari. I'm sure if the "spygate" scandal from a couple of seasons had have been reversed (i.e. Ferrari using McLaren development documents) then the punishment McLaren received (being removed from the Constructors Championship) wouldn't of been applied to Ferrari and I also think that matters will only get worse now that Jean Todt is Preseident of the FIA.
It's also apt that you bring up cheating in football. This World Cup was atrocious for dirty tackles and diving and it was mostly European and South American teams that were guilty of this. People don't like to see it, but its near impossible to get rid of in the modern game for two reasons, the players are so much more athletic than the officials and FIFA refuse to use replay technology for anything, so dives and general dirty play will be around until those issues are addressed.
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Agree again. You're always going to have a #1 and #2 driver, wether thats based on talent, championship standing, repuation or just something like their personality or their relationship with the rest of the team. I think the simplest solution is to get rid of that rule for next season and take out driver-pit wall communication via the use of comlinks so the driver just relies on the pit boards. 
And fining a team like Ferrari is never going to make a difference, the amount they were fined was less than one of their road cars costs. Pointless really.

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Coulthard really winds me up. I read his autobiography before the season started and he spends a good chunk of it bitching about team orders and unfair treatment then he defends Ferrari's actions yesterday and Red Bull's bias towards Vettel all season. Really cannot stand the bloke.
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Anyone even slightly interested in Formula 1 must have been absolutely seething yesterday. Well, anyone who isn’t a Ferrari and/or Alonso fan.

Many people are acting suprised by yesterday’s events, which saw Fellipe Massa’s race engineer inform him that he was running slower than his team mate who was behind him, followed by the question “do you understand that?”. A few corners later Massa slowed down on the exit to let Alonso through, his engineer then apologised to him over the radio. Massa later claimed it was his decision to let his team mate through. I, like many others, think pressure has been placed upon him by the Ferrari management to let Alonso through in order to get the “best possible result for Ferrari”.

When you look at the standings before the race, its easy to understand that decision. But the simple fact is that such an instruction is illegal in the modern sport. Wether you believe that is wrong or not is completely pointless to debate, which is why I found myself shouting at the hypocrite that has a big square jaw and mild Scottish accent on BBC’s F1 coverage yesterday (that’ll be David Coulthard for those that don’t know who I am on about).

So, taking out the obvious points situation out of the equation, why else would Ferrari do such a thing? Well Alonso’s behaviour in recent Grand Prix has become increasingly irratic and childish, throwing around complaints left right and centre. The most famous incident this season involving Michael Schumacher at Monaco where he was passed on the final corner after the Safety Car had pulled in. The claim was that they shouldn’t have been racing, but following a procession to the finish line, but it was clear from Alonso’s line through that corner that he was racing and it bit him on the arse when Schumacher did the same. So what happens when Alonso and Ferrari make a complaint? its investigated.

A few races later Hamilton got his timing wrong and passed the Safety Car before the white line, Alonso made a complaint, Hamilton was fairly disciplined with a Stop Go penalty which he took but events during the race led to him retaining his position, Alonso claimed this “wasn’t fair”. Whilst at Silverstone Alonso passed Kubica by cutting a corner, rather than allow Kubica back through Alonso flew away and tried to get away with it and was punished with a Stop Go penalty. A normal penalty under normal circumstances but in the events that happened (Kubica retired before the decision was made) it became rather harsh, the fact remains that it was Alonso and Ferrari’s own fault, they were reccomended to yield the position by numerous sources (other teams, plus the race director) but ignored such advice. Now this incident.

Before this had taken place Massa was clearly struggling on the harder compound tyres. Alonso was putting in faster laps (although immediately after a fast Alonso lap, Massa would reply with a faster one) but Massa was making mistakes. There’s clear footage of Alonso gesturing after a Massa mistake, just as there was when Alonso felt Barrichello held him up in Qualifying at Silverstone (despite there being huge gap between the two cars) and Alonso later claimed “this is ridiculous”. I think its clear that because of his previous two World Drivers Championship titles, not to mention his (sometimes incredibly immature) temperament, Alonso is #1 Driver in the Ferrari garage. I have no problem with that, but clearly if he’s as talented as people would have you believe and if he was indeed much much faster on a regular basis in yesterday’s Grand Prix then he would of eventually passed Massa with no help from those on the Pit Wall or (if the decision was indeed Massa’s) his team mate.

It was revealed late yesterday, early this morning that Ferrari have been fined for the incident, which is I can’t complain against there’s not quite enough evidence to force through a stricter punishment. Even so its hard to see Ferrari receiving a more harsh punishment than this. Formula 1 is Ferrari, Ferrari is Formula 1 especially now Jean Todt is President of the FIA. The case has also been forwarded to the World Motorsports Council, but I see very little else happening, at most they will have the points taken off them. I think a fair punishment would the points being wiped from the Constructers Championship for the race and the Driver’s points switched around, even though there’s an easy argument to suggest Massa would eventually have been passed by Alonso without instruction.

But once again, despite an incredibly entertaining season, Formula 1′s repuation has been dragged through the dirt. It’s hard to be enthusiastic when cheating is in abundance from every team involved. I think its about time Team Orders were re-introduced but communication between the driver and his pit wall reduced to using just pit boards and not microphone and earpieces. But then I also think that Blue Flags (or at least a Blue Flag meaning let the faster car through) should be abandoned.

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 I kept being overpowered by a swarm of enemies, my gun upgradedshortly after I decided to do something else band it wasn't a huge problem but could see it being so for someone else, just one of those things that can make or break a game for a certain type of person. With this being a review for a website I'd rather mention it than not and it probably sounds like a bigger issue than it really is in the above text. Rest assured I wasn't stumped for long, just got annoyed enough to swear at the game (I don't tend to swear alot if I can help it).
Glad I've not been flamed (thus far) for mentioning the website though, I'm honestly not here to promote the site, just join in with the community a bit, do some blogging and leave it at that. Just didn't want anyone to read this then stumble across the site with the article on and say one or the other is copied. :)
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