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I agree with you on that, there is very little info on the server list screen. Fortunately I'm still at the stage where I'm just happy to play any match that is low on lag, so long as it's not one of those 2.5 hour matches that seem to pop up now and then!

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I'm having a great time with Killzone 2 in both single and multiplayer, which makes me happy seeing as I bought my PS3 for that game. In some ways I expected the single player to be this good, but the multiplayer has really surprised me, because as a gamer in Australia I'm very used to horrible lag or having to endlessly hit refresh on some server list. So it's a great breath of fresh air that not only does this game have an active community all over the world, including Aus, but that Guerrilla actually thought to include a region selector. Those two things have meant that I've experienced no noticeable lag issues in the seven hours I've spent online so far and I can't ask for more than that. Why the hell don't more online games offer a region option, that's what I want to know!

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Dovey said:
The 360 and PS3 are both awesome consoles offer a vastly different experience as we are getting deeper into this ... [more]

I keep hearing good things about Valkyria, but while I enjoy RPGs I haven't ever gotten into Strategy RPGs...maybe I need to re-evaluate?
The other thing I've noticed about the PS3 is that to me at least, PSN has a selection of more appealing titles than Live Arcade, though each store does compliment the other in a way.

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trophyhunter said:
Riven said: "Now you're talkin', that new Sonysoft console is exactly what we need." the SS for short but what ... [more]

@trophyhunter: Well I'd say something like this:

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Now you're talkin', that new Sonysoft console is exactly what we need.

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The XBOX 360 is great console, which is one reason why I made it my first purchase of this generation, but also because I saw the PS3 as a somewhat redundant platform, with little to offer that Microsoft's console didn't already have and that certainly had much lacking. However with having recently bought a PS3 and experiencing it for the first time, I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised - the thing oozes quality, both in the hardware (specs and perceived reliability) and in the slickness of the interface. I feel that the extra cost has netted me a higher end device, which also happens to have some great exclusive games that I feel make the PS3 well worth the price of admission. This is not to say I don't believe there should be a price cut of course!

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Just thought I'd follow up on this thread to say that I finally solved my issues when I purchased a Belkin Wireless G router (Australian model: F5D7633au4). Other than switching on UPnP, no special setup was required on this router to make both XBOXes play online nicely (and to both have NAT results of 'Open') . I have no idea what magic this Belkin performs that my other routers didn't, all I know is I'm just going to go with it and continue praying to the networking gods that it doesn't stop working!

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Well I began setting up my XBOXes with static IPs, only to discover that it is now causing them to receive a NAT result of 'Moderate' in the XBOX live connection test. So it seems that for whatever reason static IPs may make the situation worse in my case.  I'm holding out hope that I'm simply missing something in the router configuration that could solve the problem, but I'm beginning to think I'll have to take this router back for a refund and look for something else (bought it just yesterday in an attempt to fix the problem).

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Are the 360's using unique IP addresses?

With my latest router, a Billion 7300g, they are both set to use DHCP and are reporting different IP addresses when I check their network settings.

Also, is the router connected to a computer as well, or directly to your modem/internet connection?

In the cases of both routers, they each have built-in modems and are connected directly to the phone line (ADSL).

Plus, I assume you are using a wired connection right?
One XBOX is wired directly into the router, the other is connected via a wireless bridge, but each obtain their IPs from the router.  The one connected directly to the router is almost always the one that gets cut off. (Though yesterday the other XBOX got cut off shortly after the wired one did)

With regards to the static IP suggestions, thanks for those and I will try that today as I haven't yet done so with this Billion router, however I had tried that on my other router (a D-LINK 504t) to no success.
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UPDATE: See my post at the end of this thread for the solution (at least to my particular problem).

Can anyone help put me out of my misery and point me toward a solution to this problem? I've tried with two different routers and each time managed to achieve a NAT status of 'OPEN' on both my XBOX 360s, but despite that one of the XBOXES always gets disconnected after a seemingly random amount of time while playing online (both playing Battlefield: Bad Company in this case). I've read up on the supposed XBOX Live compatible routers here:


However it seems all the firmware versions listed are outdated and in some cases not even available for download anymore, so it doesn't give me great confidence in buying any of them. After searching through countless forums and pages I have yet to find a satisfactory answer to my problem, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially if any Aussies out there have got a successful mult-xbox setup.