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I know, it's weird. Especially in a time when all the E3 buzz is going on and the next-gen systems are almost here. But I just don't have the desire to play many games these days. I still enjoy fighting games and arcade racing games, but the RPG's and shooters just aren't doing it for me lately. I now play games maybe.... an hour or two a week, max. It kinda sucks because I used to really be into games and now I'm sorta not and I don't really know why.

Any suggestions?

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No. Usually when I play games I'm not eating anything and if I'm drinking something it's usually water.

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After playing the demo I'm not sure if I should buy the game. The last one I played was NHL 09 and loved it. NHL 13 seemd very slow, almost like the players were stuck in slow-motion. I usually mess with the options and speed up the game and it feels fine. But I can't adjust game speed in the demo. For those that have played the game, can you make it just as fast as NHL 09?

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Holy shit.

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It's because you're trying to connect to EA servers. They're notoriously bad. Short of EA upgrading their servers, I don't see a way you can fix this. I don't think it's possible to play Mass Effect 3 online without connecting to their servers.

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@EuanDewar said:

It'll be Jeff, they wouldn't let Brad near that

Yeah, I think Jeff will review it.

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I don't know why fans refused to accept the ending as it was. Yeah, it was terrible. But to make up this crazy indoctrination theory and pretend that the mediore writers at Bioware could even conjure up something that detailed after witnessing those writers in action in ME3, is to me, pretty spectacular. But at the end of the day, it's just giving Bioware too much credit.

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I'm a little concerned now that MS has complete control over Halo.

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Terminator Salvation. It wasn't good.

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I've heard that certain servers are being shut down by EA for Battlefield 3 and that it's hard to find games. Is this true? I Was looking to pick it up soon since it dropped in price.

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