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Twice the Shogun 0

Creative Assembly revisits the Sengoku period of Japan with Shogun 2: Total War. The game feels like an extension of their previous title Napoleon: Total War with the faster paced movement, morale effects, and some AI elements, but in the end delivers a fresh new Total War game you’d be more than happy to sink your teeth into. Gameplay Battlefield, or Huge Slumber Party? The heavy focus on melee troops will kind of throw you off if you have been playing a lot of Empire/Napoleon, but the same...

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Can't keep a Good Game down! 0

Empire: Total War is a great game hidden under a pile of gamebreaking bugs, AI issues, and sketchy pathfinding. If you're able to dig through all of that however, you'll find an exceptional grand strategy game waiting for you on the other side.Adding a little gunpowder makes anything more exciting!Empire brings the Total War series headfirst into the 18th century of muskets and canons. The overhead campaign map also introduces 18th century Europe, the "New World" of North America, and Africa. Ba...

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Classic Strategy Wargame Title 0

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord offered non-tiled goodness in a time of hexagons and 2D portraits.Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord is a fairly old game but it pretty much revolutionized the strategy wargame genre with its "amazing" (at the time, especially for a strategy wargame) 3D graphics, realistic armor penetration, and the "WEGO" turn-based system. CMBO contains almost every type of weaponry, vehicle, armor, and even soldiers who fought in World War II during the time period it covers, whic...

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Restrictive but Fun 0

Civilization Revolution is like going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dish only to have the waiter hand you 1/2 of your order and walk away.Civ Rev is a good game, especially for console owners who haven't had the pleasure of playing Civilization IV or any of the expansions but to those who have experienced what the PC games were like, Civ Rev will feel stripped and might have you jump back on your PC to satisfy your craving for world conquest. The game does feel tailored ...

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