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I have played this game at the GDC.

The normal view is fine, and it looks like any other Mario Tennis game but with 3D effects because it's on the 3DS.

However, when the 3DS is raised up, the view switches to a behind the shoulder view, and the 3D effect disappears. Very odd. I suppose it's still early and maybe they could add the special effects in for that view in the final version.

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Around Christmas time, I bought a 3DS!

As far as games, the only retail one I have is Ocarina of Time which came with the 3DS. I've bought some off the eShop though, such as Excitebike in 3D, Pyramids, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Earthworm Jim, and I have some demos too, such as Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Resident Evil: Revelations. Plus, the multiplayer centered Zelda game The Four Swords was a free download.

An Improved DS Lite?

The console looks and feels similar to the DS Lite. It definitely has a similar thickness. But, the main difference of course is the large screen on top. When I play a DSi game such as Earthworm Jim, it doesn't take up the whole screen, so there is a noticeable change. Also, people might notice the Zelda design on the back. The 3DS I purchased came with Ocarina of Time as a special promotion, so I got a nifty design that will hopefully make it a collector's item one day.

On the lower half of the 3DS, the analog stick on the top left also sets this portable handheld apart from its predecessors. That leaves the directional pad on the bottom left, which makes some games slightly uncomfortable. My left thumb definitely feels cramped after playing Super Mario Land 2, which makes me try and revert back to using the analog. But once I switch to the analog, it does not feel right either. Game Boy games were meant to be played with the directional pad.

As for the four buttons on the right, they are in the same exact spot as on the DS Lite. The two triggers on the top left and right remain. The start and home buttons are right underneath the touch screen. They feel a bit cheap to press because it's not part of the touch screen, but they don't feel like regular buttons either, but rather cheap plastic. It does not affect the gameplay though, so that's good. The power button is on the bottom right. I have no problems with that. The stylus sits next to the top left trigger this time. When I first read that it moved there, I thought it would be a hassle compared to its location on the DS Lite. But I'm fine with the stylus where it is on the 3DS.

Without headphones, the sound comes off a little soft, even at the highest setting. Some might disagree with that. When I wear headphones though, the sound comes in crisp and clear.

The battery life does make a disappointing impression. With the full 3D effect on, expect only an hour and a half worth of gameplay. However, I'm always near electrical outlets and can usually find one quickly. The battery life could be better, but it is adequate.

Extra Features

The web browser, although one of the worst web browsers I have ever experienced except for the one on the Wii, does came in handy. The browser works for checking email, reading news, or using mobile Facebook. Don't expect to upload pictures directly to Facebook. That brings me to the next fault of the 3DS.

The pixel resolution for taking pictures...it's terrible! I read that the resolution is only 0.3 MP. Yes, I know the 3DS is meant for games...but...even my non-smart phone (Samsung Alias 2) could take pictures at 3 MP. At the very least, Nintendo should make their consoles capable of beating the lowest cell phones in picture-taking quality. But it doesn't. The video quality equals the picture quality in terribleness.

But...as long as good games come...

Overall, I'm still satisfied with my purchase. I have not experienced any online games yet, and I hear the system for playing others on games such as Mario Kart 7 is much more streamlined, but I need to find out for myself. The main reason I bought the 3DS is because I'm never home and I figured it would help me as a gamer to take a portable gaming device with me, so that I could play as I stand in line doing errands. I attend lots of conventions, so it will certainly help pass time if I'm waiting in line for a certain panel or event. For now, I am overlooking the faults and will give Nintendo more time to improve the 3DS experience.

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I live in the US and I think making people feel like they have to tip is ridiculous. If they're earning the minimum wage, I don't see why you have to give them extra for the work they are already being compensated for.

If the pizza guy is earning below minimum wage, well then maybe he should be tipped. But I also think he should be earning a fair wage in the first place.

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If it's a comedy you're looking for, try Minami-ke

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@louiedog said:

People seem to be misunderstanding. He's not selling the item and shipping it before the buyer pays. Paypal collects the funds and doesn't release them until after the item is shipped. This is to protect buyers from scammers. Unfortunately there are scammers on both sides of the transaction. I like to pay for shipping via eBay because that way they have the tracking information and if the item is expensive I get delivery confirmation and insurance.

@Andorski said:

Craigslist > eBay. I've only sold one thing over eBay, but it was such a hassle compared to meeting someone, them giving you cash, and you giving them the item.

I've sold a lot on both craigslist and eBay and for me it really depends on what I'm selling. If I list a brand new recent video game on craigslist it'll sell for a good price in a day or two. If I want to list something that's three years old no one wants it, but I can still get a fair price on eBay. Last week I sold a phone on eBay for $150 more than the best craigslist offers that came in. I don't live in the middle of nowhere either. There are 10 million people in my area and still it's difficult to sell some items locally.

I've also come across more flakes on craigslist than eBay. Once in awhile you get someone who doesn't pay for the auction and you have to relist. On craigslist you get a lot of people who say they want to buy something (and probably tell 10 other people with the same/similar item the same thing) and then never contact you again while you decline or let other offers pile up. That happens every 1/3 sale for me. I've had people email to get my phone number, call to ask questions about something simple, get told the best possible answer (yes, the tv comes with a remote. no, this item hasn't ever been used), and then say they'll think about it and never call back. Craigslist can be a much bigger time waster.

Well I'm discouraged now.

I understand the logic in Paypal holding the money, but I don't agree with it. I'll just hold on to my copy of Pikmin 2 for a little longer then.

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In the past, I remember there was a hold on my payment when I was selling something. The money was not released until the buyer received the item. I'm about to sell something again, but in the back of my mind I remember thinking that was strange and unsafe for the seller.

Does this happen to anyone else when they sell stuff on ebay? Is the payment always held until the buyer receives the item?

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My power charger for my laptop does not work most of the time, but I can get it to work on some electrical outlets. It probably just means it's a random occurrence whether it works though. Sometimes if I kick it around and move the power charger in different positions it works.

Is there a short circuit in it? Is it dangerous if I keep using this power charger?

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@Fajita_Jim said:

If it's bringing the Windows screen up at all, it's not a dead Hard drive, as it's at least accessing the boot sector. Sounds to me like a Windows install issue, so follow Husleys advice and boot from a Windows CD and attempt a recovery.

Unless you mean I should boot from an external CD drive.

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@Fajita_Jim said:

If it's bringing the Windows screen up at all, it's not a dead Hard drive, as it's at least accessing the boot sector. Sounds to me like a Windows install issue, so follow Husleys advice and boot from a Windows CD and attempt a recovery.

Well it's a netbook...but when I do the ALT F10 thing, it does take me to this thing called "eRecovery" and asks if I want to recover Windows XP with the old files, or if I want to wipe out the old files and restore everything to how it was from the factory.

I tried it with the keep old files option, and it didn't work, gave me an error something like "I/O error recovery can't be made", so I could try the other option. I might try that now that I've read this.

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I am writing this here instead of Tested because the responses are faster. This netbook which I've been entrusted to fix has progressively gotten worse in my care. First, it reached the Windows screen, and it reached Safe Mode, but I couldn't do much because it would freeze everytime I tried to run a program (I was trying to run Malwarebytes to see if I could find something wrong).

Now...it doesn't go past the Windows XP loading screen at all. When I try to go into Safe Mode, it gets stuck somewhere as well.

Dead hard drive? I know where to go if I want to reformat (hold Alt+F10 at the start), but I'm hesitant to do so because I realize it will wipe out everything on my friend's netbook. Is that my last option you think?