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@Super_Yosh_64: I ran disc utility by going into single user mode. When I run it, it says something about the repair failing and "disc0s2: i/o error invalid node structure 4, 45345"

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@xdaknightx69 said:

check ur RAM


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@ashkanhoss29 said:

Maybe it's overheating. Do you hear the fan?

Nope not really. Oh well...

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Does anyone else have this problem? It's a MacBook White, and when it turns on, it seems like it's booting up the OS. It shows the Apple logo on the screen for a while. Eventually though, it just turns off. It's not really my laptop, but my friend gave it to me so that I could fix it. Before I go research this a bit more, does anyone here have an idea?

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@Beforet said:

What page are you directed to? I would boot into safe mode and run whatever antivirus and antispyware program you have.

It's random every time, but normally I get redirected to a different search engine. Searchory.com and find-fast-answers.com are some of the addresses I see when it's redirecting me.
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Is this a virus? I've tried to do some research (which is nearly impossible because Google is crippled for me now), and I read something about TDL Rootkit. Could that be the problem and how do I get rid of it?

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I still have the menu bar displayed on Firefox because I find it useful. I'd feel lost if it didn't say File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools and Help at the top. But I'm probably one of the last few that like the menu bar. How about you?

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Oh? Yeah that's probably the solution. I'll update it right now!

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Hotmail isn't working with my Firefox. I'm using Firefox Version 3.6.16. I was wondering if this is a problem with anyone else?

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I'm sure most of those sites work fine. On your profile, just emphasize your good points without lying, while only mentioning your bad points if the girl asks. It's like applying for a job.
I wonder if anyone has tried plentyoffish? That's another free one.