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I will disagree with most everyone here. School is easier in most cases because when you're in the real world, you HAVE to work, and in most cases 40 hours a week. You can't go home in between classes and take a nap. You must work. 
When you are at work, you have to be doing something. But in college, no one can tell me when I should do my homework as long as it's done by the deadline. Maybe I want to do my homework at midnight. Maybe I want to wake up early at 6 am and get it done quickly before classes start. When you're working though, they aren't paying you to rest. It's much more stressful to me to have to be doing something for 8 hours straight, especially if it's something non-creative and repetitive, rather than making my own schedule writing a research paper. 
With homework, I can go wherever I want to do it. Whether at school/Starbucks/friend's house/etc., no one tells me where to do my homework. In the real world, most likely you'll be in the same building everyday, with the same people, from 8-5, and unless it's a job that you absolutely love (for example, I wouldn't mind being a video game journalist and sitting in an office for that), I can't see why you would think work is easier. But that's from my perspective. Everyone is different. I suppose the paycheck offsets a lot of the negatives of work, but I still don't think it's easy.

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Now that I think of it, isn't the Wii U controller the same concept as what was used in The Legend of Zelda The Four Swords? lol

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Sadly, I share your concerns...  :(

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A few weeks ago, I had high hopes for the Wii U, Nintendo's upcoming console. After all, I have a Wii. I love Nintendo characters. The Wii U looks like the Wii, and even plays Wii games. But like a lot of people, I was never completely happy with the Wii. I never felt there was anything wrong with the processing power of the Wii. However, there are problems.

Wii and Wii U, Same Name and Same Problems?

These are the positive aspects of having a Wii
  • Mario 
  • Zelda
  • Games that don't scare people who don't play video games
  • Virtual Console
  • Backwards compatibility with Gamecube discs
  • Online play exists
Yet, several negatives to the Wii have proven true  
  • Games with depth are far and few
  • Lack of quality WiiWare titles 
  • Online infrastructure is stuck light years behind Sony, Microsoft
Can the Wii U improve upon or fix the negative aspects of the Wii? Perhaps the traditional style controller for the WIi U will help the first point. As many writers have pointed out, although there was much hype over the touch screen, the controller does look and feel traditional with the analog sticks, directional pad, the four buttons on the right, and the shoulder buttons on top. This should encourage more developers that have only released their games for the PS3 and 360 to try out the Wii U as well, since the control scheme will be similar. Fighting games in particular will be helped. The only concern about the new controller are the rumors of the Wii U only accepting the use of one new controller per game. Let's ignore that point for now...
I have little hope for whatever online shop Nintendo puts up for the Wii U. As the 3DS and DSi have shown us, it looks like they're sticking with this once a week release plan. Maybe they will release a some cool games. Maybe they will release all the games they have ignored for the Wii's Virtual Console. Who knows? As for any original downloadable games for the WIi U, well...I have endured years of hoping the Wii's WiiWare service will improve, and it never has. Yes, there are quality games, but they are far and few in between. Maybe they will throw us a demo once in a while.    
As for online play within the games, there is even less reason for enthusiasm.

The Problem Lies with the Creator

There have been rumors that friend codes are gone for the Wii U. If that is true, then it's a step in the right direction. Friend codes aren't the entire reason people criticize Nintendo's online infrastructure though. The Wii might have been okay if it allowed us to communicate with other people online. After all, isn't the Wii supposed to make it easier to bring us together? It has done the complete opposite. If I enjoy playing against a random stranger online, I should be able to talk or add that person. There may be some EA games that are able to do this, but Nintendo games still don't let anyone talk with strangers. The Wii U will be no different, as far as I can tell. I read a recent post on another gaming site where they quoted Shigeru Miyamoto talking about this topic:

"A key word for Nintendo in the online sphere has been creating an experience that's comfortable for all players, so we'll still look at that and stick to our idea of trying to create an online experience that's welcoming to everyone."

This could give hope to some people that Nintendo plans to let gamers have more freedom when interacting online. However, I only see the words "comfortable for all players" and "welcoming to everyone" as code word for "No, we will not let gamers talk to each other or even add each other online, we do not want to be sued for anything bad happening."  After all, if the Wii U's goal is to piss no one off with the online experience, then the goal must be to bore everyone in the process by making it impossible to see anything that one person in the world could find offensive. They have forgotten adults play their games too. I should be able to play a random person in Mario Kart, then add that person after the race because he's a good match for me. I don't see that happening for Nintendo's Wii U games. It would be epic if Mario Kart Wii U had a hub station where you could walk around, meet players, and challenge them to a race. The longing for a real online community within the game makes Mario Kart Wii disappointing every time I play it. Animal Crossing is another game that should benefit from a more open online structure. Besides any EA title that might be more online friendly (and even then I'm certain you still can't talk to people), Monster Hunter 3 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom are the only Wii titles where you can add random people to a friend list after playing them. With the above quotation by Miyamoto, I have zero hope the situation will get better. I used to have hope, but it's gone. This is the man who refuses to believe that Zelda games will benefit from a deeper storyline, therefore he's not the type of person who changes his mind easily. Shigeru Miyamoto is someone we should thank for many things, but not for supporting a stranglehold on the online capabilities of Nintendo's consoles. Nintendo treats us as if we are all five year olds who need protection. 

The Power of Mario

There will be nothing wrong with the Wii U's processing power itself. Most Nintendo games don't need to look realistic. Nevertheless, it would be surprising if they fixed their online problems. That alone might be enough to convince me to wait for a PS4. Maybe I'll even give Microsoft a try. My desire for an online community could prove more valuable than Mario as time goes on.
From a sales standpoint, the Wii U will sell enough to keep Nintendo in the top three for many years to come. However, gamers are losing trust when it comes to how they handle their online shop/online play. Any console sales lead they might have early on with the Wii U should lose steam if the mistakes remain. But I have not completely decided if I'll skip getting a Wii U. The power of Mario has that much of an effect on me.
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My username on there is RJay64

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Are you an ideal for any NPC in Tir Chonaill and want to come help me? Let me know so I could log on and meet you there! 
But considering this forum is completely empty, I doubt anyone here could help lol

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I can't help but feel attracted to Cooking Mama.  There are several things to like about her...  

  • she cooks
  • she is famous
  • her hair always looks perfect
  • she has big eyes
  • she smiles a lot. I like a girl who is happy
  • she has straight teeth
I even have dreams about Cooking Mama. I'm sitting on the couch, playing video games. And she is in the kitchen, making me dinner every night. Now that is the life. At the end of the day, Cooking Mama is the one for me. There is no drama surrounding Cooking Mama, all she knows is cooking. Who wouldn't want to date her?
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I agree!

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I have played Super Mario 3DS and it doesn't deserve any award for crippling the tanooki suit

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I agree with you about Pilotwings 64. I'm a little tired of looking at Miis...