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" Welcome to GB, come for the news, stay for witty banter.  To your point - online stores have sales all the time - Steam/psn/xbl all do this.  Plus, a $60 downloadable game would become cheaper as time goes, so folks who can't afford it can wait.  Also, in theory piracy would go way down, and kill DRM! "
Admittedly all I have is a Wii (lol), so my knowledge of PSN and XBL isn't as good.  I'm glad to hear they do have sales though.  I have heard great things about Steam, and browse through the site myself sometimes, so I had an idea about them.
But still, isn't the PSP Go struggling because the price on their games is higher than what you can find in stores?  It's possible I misread information on that.  
Sonic 4 in particular is going to be in episodic content online, and there's only 3 places we're going to be able to buy it....I hope they price it reasonably.
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Hello!  Well I am new.  From what I have seen, the structure of this website looks superior to anything I have seen from other gaming websites.  I am very used to Gamespot, but the mods there are a bit harsh on me, so now I am here!
I would like to take the profile I have on here seriously, maybe write some reviews on games, and update this blog frequently as possible.  
My first gaming-related topic will be the future of how games are purchased, and how this will affect the industry.  I believe a time when games can only be downloaded from the official Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft store will be the death of video games.  Okay the use of the word "death" might be harsh, but this will be a mistake if it ever gets to the point that all games are downloaded only.  Yes, I realize the used game industry is the anti-Christ to game companies who work hard on their games.  But to eliminate the used game market just because some companies are angry they are not getting new game sales is crazy!  
First of all, without the used game industry, some people would never be able to afford video games.  The PSP Go has proven that game companies are willing to rip consumers off by offering games on their store that should be at least $10 cheaper.  That takes me to my next point, having one official store to buy all your games for a certain console eliminates all competition!  So Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony would have monopolies on their game prices.  You HAVE to buy the game at their price, whether or not you think the game is overpriced, because it is only available online and there is no competition from the used game market to offset the price. Most casual gamers will not consider that certain games should be a lower price for what they are getting.
Notice that Nintendo never lowers the prices on their online shop.  I mean, must EVERY VC game stick at the same price point always on the Wii?  Couldn't there be some sale to attract new buyers?  Even a Christmas sale where certain Super NES and N64 games become 500 points for two weeks would be great in terms of promoting the service.  
 I am not a Wii hater.  The only console I possess is a Wii.  But I am worried.  Are all those WiiWare and VC console games going to transfer over to the next Nintendo console?  If not, then if I want to keep those games, I must never get rid of my Wii?  I like to keep one console at a time, as it keeps things neat and organized in my room.  If I end up buying $200 worth of downloadable titles that cannot be transferred to the next Nintendo console, it might discourage me from upgrading early on.  
At the very least, I am hoping for a gaming industry where retail and download co-exist peacefully, even if my games do not transfer over.  I do not want great places to buy games, like Amazon and eBay, to not exist as an option anymore.  
Thanks for reading my first blog!

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Hello.  I honestly think the best place to use the DS is in your private restroom.  Give me a wireless internet connect and Mario Kart DS, and I'm set.  And because Nintendo systems do not allow any communication, no one knows what I'm "doing" while I snake the heck out of them.  
Where do you play your DS?