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They are definitely an unpredictable bunch. I could see an impromptu stream of the games in the afternoon today so don't count them out. They could also just not be on the schedule, as the Advanced Warfare Quick Look posted without notice, possibly to detract people who figure out the download links when the schedule gives them a heads up.

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Pretty certain the Giant Bomb staff isn't into the business of questioning the journalistic integrity of sites like theirs, should there ever be a deep conversation over this.

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I had seen it too and have been wondering when it would post to the site. I haven't looked around on other sites, but I'm guessing there is some video embargo that's holding it up. I know Jason uploaded this image for it when it was on the schedule.

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I print out a review or written transcript of what they say about my favorite video game on the Bombcast then wipe my ass with it.

That, or respectfully disagree and move on.

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There was an audiobook Humble Bundle months back that included a reading of Meg Cabot's Abandoned. I'm not very choosy come the times when I need something to listen to when I have trouble sleeping at night, and also it had one of the shorter reading times compared to the rest (this was maybe 7 hours long compared to the average of 10 hours it takes to read the others included in the bundle).

Anyway, for some reason the main character in this terrible romance novel repeatedly told herself to "check yourself before you wreck yourself." So now I have to remember this terrible novel when I think about Ice Cube at all.

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Pretty certain the real crime against humanity is the inverted horizontal camera movement in Final Fantasy XII.

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Andrea Rene of the Escapist just called in. That site's integrity is also out the fucking window.

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Components needed to upgrade your shields and weapons are gained in new game plus. Defeating as many Last Ones now actually helps you. You're good, dude.

I beat the final boss in the first playthrough doing all of the main quests, side quests (minus two that are in the Dead Dunes), and most of the Canvas of Prayers stuff ('bout 60 out of the 80 or so available). On Day 9, you'll get something that links the cities together and makes Soul Seeds easier to farm for, if you care about that. You have plenty of time of just standing around or sleeping in the inns, or maybe looking for any treasure you may have missed or any outfits, adornments, weapons, or garbs you haven't bought yet. Just a lot of checking around for anything you missed when you just want the end to come already. You are all set, buddy.

There may be an additional ending or so that only comes with a new game plus, but don't worry about that (I honestly don't know at the moment), but that can't be helped. You're ready to save the world and all'a dat.