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I believe people are more invested in its gameplay and Social Link-like elements; care naught for the story.

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52. It could be 54 or so if you count playing demos of some games, like Heavy Rain in my case. Some games like Dark Souls, I've only really played like 5 to 10 minutes of (because I don't want to get an achievement through GFW if that shit gets removed while I'm in the middle of a playthrough or whatever) but I countedt it anyway.

The ones I didn't play include:

  1. Spelunky
  2. Dragon Quest IX
  3. Far Cry 3 (have played Blood Dragon though)
  4. Valkyria Chronicles
  5. Fez (have played its demo)
  6. League of Legends
  7. Crusader Kings II
  8. Forza Motorsport 3 (have played Forza 2)
  9. Gears of War 3 (have played Gears of War 1)
  10. Just Cause 2
  11. The Walking Dead - Season 1
  12. Heavy Rain (have played its demo)

Damn shame Ghost Trick lost to Last of Us while that poll was active. I'm probably one of the few of whom who has played the both of them, and Ghost Trick was the clear winner, of my heart.

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I hope the main character is fully voiced and the dialog choices are presented through a dialog wheel. *fingers crossed*

I actually wouldn't mind if the next Persona game were a handheld game, namely a Vita game. These games don't really need to push it on the "technical" graphics side anyway. In any case, a PS3 or 360 version will do just fine. Whatever the announcement is for, it's definitely more exciting to me than the incoming next-gen consoles shitting the shelves.

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Finally, we'll find out what Sessler was throwing a hissy fit over.

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I think they should cover things that they're actually interested in covering.

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Kokone Kizuki should be renamed to Athena Cykes as that is the North American name of the character.

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If you have a Kindle (Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard in particular), their charging cables can charge it. My Samsung Galaxy S III also shares the same charging cable, so that works too. It is not the same as the PS3 controller's USB connection.

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Free content takes too much time to produce.

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Only Mass Effect game I've played on the PS3 was the PSN version of Mass Effect 2. If you really love long loading times (nearing one minute between each floor) on the Normandy, then go for it.

Also, regarding saves: no issue at all on the PC versions. The games know where to pull your saves from, even across different digital distributors since they save in the same place in your Documents folder.

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