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I think they should cover things that they're actually interested in covering.

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Kokone Kizuki should be renamed to Athena Cykes as that is the North American name of the character.

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If you have a Kindle (Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard in particular), their charging cables can charge it. My Samsung Galaxy S III also shares the same charging cable, so that works too. It is not the same as the PS3 controller's USB connection.

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Free content takes too much time to produce.

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Only Mass Effect game I've played on the PS3 was the PSN version of Mass Effect 2. If you really love long loading times (nearing one minute between each floor) on the Normandy, then go for it.

Also, regarding saves: no issue at all on the PC versions. The games know where to pull your saves from, even across different digital distributors since they save in the same place in your Documents folder.

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I have that mouse (it's also wired, by the way). Works great, very customizable and stores three profiles. However, the Logitech Setpoint software is fucked for me on Windows 8 for some reason. I can set up the profiles just fine on my Windows 7 laptop, and the mouse itself will store the set profiles even across different computers. Also, the default back and forward buttons don't work very well with Windows 8.

You know what, forget what I said if you're going to end up using your new computer (if you're going to use Windows 8) for your eventual web surfing.

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My mainstays for now are:

  • The second form of the fire fox thing
  • Wartortle
  • Pikachu
  • The second form of that bird that isn't Pidgeotto but has a fire attack
  • Pancham
  • The grass-type that kinda looks like a llama covered in leaves

They're all in the level 15-22 range, with the fire fox being the highest. And yes, I don't know the names of them. I could just open up my 3DS since it is right next to me, but these new pokemans are nothing but tools to me, man. Wartortle and me though, we go way back.

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I watch all I can. Though I typically have Worth Something, Quick Look Solos (and sometimes regular Quick Looks) and Coffee Time relegated to background noise and not really take anything in while they're playing.

Podcast-wise, only the Giant Bombcast is something I actually pay attention to, but still "listen" to everything offered (which includes Bombin' in the AM).

For reading, I just read Guns of Navarro, but that's been gone for quite awhile now. If some news article has too vague a title, then I'll skim whatever's in there for any information relevant to me then leave.

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Doubt it.

₲฿ is all about dat paper.