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Man, poor AMC. They're gonna be left with just Walking Dead soon.

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I want to stand in the middle of a street and have cars spawn normally.

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I've been meaning to play the stocks by saving up a few of the Lester missions just so I can multiply whomever's funds to grab the last few properties I, well, don't need but just want to have. I typically ignore the property requests as I go for my remaining collectibles anyway, so I can't imagine me getting much out of a golf club or theaters when I've only done either activity once or twice for the sake of 100% completion.

But yeah, properties, whatevs.

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On the Social Club site, take note of colored sidebars next to images: those actions/missions are what are required for "100%" completion. You don't even have to do all the stunt jumps or collect the nuclear waste, thankfully, just a specific amount is required (25 for stunt jumps, 8 for knife flights, bronze medals for flight school/gun range, etc.). I know I'll end up doing everything eventually, but man, those things are best done over long stretches because I reloaded way too many times to do specific stunt jumps.

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I used my turbo controller. The AI had some weird stretches where they could swim/bike faster than me during the swimming and biking portions of the race, but once everyone was on foot I got ahead of the two or three that I felt like were miles ahead of me during the bike part almost immediately, and stayed there and won the race.

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Full frontal nudity confirmed
I wish these images came in bigger sizes. This just looks beautiful.
Creepy Michael
Winded Jimmy
Creepy Michael - Clippy Feet Edition
Kifflom, fellow Confederates!
I collected all the spaceship parts and all I got was this sweet ride
The Drunk Effect gets stronger and stronger the more bars you visit during an outing
Before that, we started it off with a visit to the strip bar, of course
If only playable table tennis was in the game

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Stay away from my Chie and Naoto, ya ginge.

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Auto aim to remove any chance of me blaming the game for its failures, because it'll be all on me when I fail a mission. It certainly didn't help in Red Dead Redemption, that game is just ass to me.

If I choose to play with a mouse and keyboard on the PC version, I'd probably play with free aim. Given the platform, head shots just come naturally. If it could auto switch between two control schemes, then great, but I doubt that'll happen.

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I know the opposite can happen after having a transition of Michael shaving off the beard I cut into his face when I had the chance very early into the game.