Jeff: Quick Look Start to Death Time

Be careful when "pullin' a Brad" near Luchadeer.
Ya know,  Brad isn't the only one who " pulls a Brad" during Quick Looks, and we give him a lot of flak for it. Inspired by Mustard's amazing list, I decided to compile lists for all the other Giant Bombers "Start to Death" times in Quick Looks, this one being for Jeff!
"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Jeff dying, regardless of the method. Occasionally, there will be two times listed, the reason being written in the description for the game. Also at times, they Quick Look a game more than once for different platforms or DLC. Since lists do not allow me to put the same game in twice, I put both death info in the one game, separating them by console/DLC. Finally, I kept track of not only the time of death, but also the Death Count to list how many times they died during the Quick Look.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun putting it all together! And remember, "It's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."
Links to the other Quick Look Start to Death Time Lists:
Brad - Ryan - Vinny - Dave - Drew - Sean - Andy - Mike - Will - Patrick - Alex Jared
Jeff's Total Quick Looks Ran: 302

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Posted by Hailinel

This list is a fun read.  Good work!

Posted by Daryl

Was fun and cool when it was just a Brad list. Now it's been taken too far and gone way too corporate.

Posted by Red12b
@Daryl said:
" Was fun and cool when it was just a Brad list. Now it's been taken too far and gone way too corporate. "
I like this, good work Duder.
Posted by TorgoGrooves89

Great list. Very funny.
Posted by natetodamax

I approve.

Posted by Ghostiet

Damn, Jeff dies a lot. I wonder why it's "pulling a Brad".

Though I wouldn't count the LittleBigPlanet part where the game teaches you how to blow yourself up.

Posted by datarez

Great list.  Big thumbs up!

Posted by Jethuty

wow this....this is kinda creepy

Posted by ashogo

"we give him a lot of slack for it". 
Don't you mean "give him a lot of flack", or something?
Great job on the list though.

Posted by RJPelonia
Whoa. You're absolutely right. Can't believe I missed that. Thanks!
Posted by lilman1101

Keep it up duder!

Posted by Life_Cycle

Its weird how Jeff has more QL deaths than Brad but the term was invented before we started keeping track of them

Posted by Dudacles

Whoa, the Game Room stuff is just... You're crazy. Feel free to continue being crazy. :p

Posted by SBYM

This is important work you're doing.

Posted by Gamer_152

A fantastic list sir, all the work you've put into it really shows.

Posted by TheLastNeo

Great list Duder.. nice detail..

Posted by DonPixel
@SBYM said:
" This is important work you're doing. "
Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Wow, amazing list man. Really detailed. Good work.

Posted by Jambones
@DonPixel said:
" @SBYM said:
" This is important work you're doing. "
It's science.
Posted by LegendaryChopChop

blowing my mind here with this list...

Posted by Little_Socrates

This needs to be updated for this week, especially with the Bangai-O! QL.

Posted by TrashMustache

some people have a lot of times are on their hands, and i'm one of them! and you shock even me with this, seems like I would need months to make this pretty useless list! love it