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Wait how did he even survive after getting stab by a knife 22 times?

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@nintendoeats: What?
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@gamefreak9: I don't see how that changes anything, if you said he lost half of his games i would agree with your point, but he lost one game out of many that he played .  So instead of 100% win rate in GSL4 it is 98%? So does that mean he is still above the 60-70 you talked about?
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Oh and to your scout 30sec point, I don't agree with that either. More examples 
1, You scout at around 5 min as Protoss and the Terran has no gas. Fast expand 
2, You scout at around 5 min as Zerg and the Protoss has one gas. Heavy stalker zealot pressure or all in 
3, You scout at around 9 scv as Terran and you see Protoss's gateway is 4/5 finish. 10 gate , careful of 4 gate and pylon in your base.
4, You as zerg uses overlord and sees 5 sentries and 1 zealot . Fast expand 
But anyways , in sc there is something called a timing, If you scout around that time you can see everything and that should be all the scouting you need to do.  
Oh, and btw what race do you play? You can't hold off cheese when ur in master? Seriously?

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Um... I don't quite agree with the 60-70 percent rate means luck thing.  
I will give you one example  
1, Pretend i was playing rock paper scissor with one of my friend and i was winning my friend 60-40, that is called luck. 
2.Pretend i was playing badminton with one of my friend and i was winning my friend 60-40, is that luck? That simply means that we are equal in skill.  
3,If I played rock paper scissor with my friend again and i got lucky and won few games with a 90-10 rate , does that mean rock paper scissor requires skills? I don't think so
And to your michael phelps point. Nada, one of the best terran in starcraft used to have a solid 70-80 percent rate against all race, he was winning matches left and right. Same goes with Boxer. But if  you want something recent, Nestea hasn't lost a game in GSL 4 yet. Good enough for you?

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I hope blizzard pull some of the suggested changes into the game

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lol, i see what vinny did there, i got the Shadow of the colossus reference 

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